The Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Lock Will Soon Be Available To British Consumers

Yale unveiled their new Smart Lock, Yale Conexis™ L1, at the Grand Designs Live in October of this year. If you are familiar with Yale, you are probably familiar with the Yale Real Living product line. The company is taking their Smart Lock to a new level, by introducing new technology and a unique design to their current proven formula.


Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock

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A BMW Smart Car Apprehends A Thief For The Seattle Police Department

Experts have always said that “Smart” products were smart, but no one could even guess their true smartness. Well, that is until the BMW Smart car apprehended a car thief for the Seattle Police Department. Let it be said, Smart products are way ahead of their time, with consumers begging to learn more.


BMW With Smart Technology


The owner of the BMW 550I loaned the vehicle to a friend, who forgot to remove the key fob and lock the door. The culprit discovered the unlocked vehicle sitting in a parking garage, making it very difficult to resist temptation. The owner finally discovered the mistake and notified the Seattle Police Department. The police department contacted BMW call center that was able to track down the vehicle’s precise location.

After tracking down the vehicle’s whereabouts, BMW remotely locked the vehicle, trapping the culprit inside. When the police arrived on scene, the 38-year old suspect was snoozing. After the police completed a pat-down search, a small amount of methamphetamine was found on the man’s persons. He was later booked into the King County Jail for drug possession and auto theft.

This incident is only one example of how Smart Technology can prove to be valuable in today’s world. Just when you thought you didn’t need a Smart-Connected car, with all the extra features and gadgets, you found out that you were totally wrong.

To learn more about Smart-Connected products, just click on the following Amazon link.

What Every Consumer Needs To Know About Smart Locks

Smart Locks can be found in almost every setting, including residential and commercial. The reason these devices are so popular is because they provide an immense amount of convenience, increase security and eliminate the need for a mechanical key. With this said, there are more than dozens of devices on the market that claim to be Smart Locks, with most of them having a lot in common.


Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen Smart Lock

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Amazon Establishes A Partnership With Intel To Extend Natural Voice Interaction

With such a variety of Smart interconnected products on the market, consumers will not have any issues making their home smarter. To move things on a little faster, Amazon partners with Intel to advance the Smart Home ecosystem even further. The companies will be working on two reference designs for an Intel-based Smart speaker, with Amazon Alexa integration.

Amazon Echo, With Speech Recognition Capabilities

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Are Millennial Tenants Willing To Pay Higher Rent Just To Have Access To Smart Technologies?

American consumers are investing billions of dollars in Smart connected products. If you are familiar with these products, you understand the reasoning behind this, but if you aren’t you have a lot to learn. Smart Home devices offer an array of benefits, including convenience, energy efficiency and a higher level of home security. Most millennial are tech savvy, because they spend 10 to 12 hours a day on their PC, smartphone, video gaming system, laptop or iPad. They also can barely stand being away their electronic devices for more than 10 minutes.



Schlage Connect Smart Lock

Schlage Connect Smart Lock

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Kwikset Kevo Convert Transforms Existing Deadbolts Into A Smart Lock

With an unlimited array of Smart Lock brands on the market, one must question which brand is the best. While this is a question that only the experts can answer, consumers can do their own research and form their own decision. But, why invest in a Smart Lock, when you can invest in a device that will convert your existing deadbolt into a Smart interconnected lock?


Kwikset Kevo Convert

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Tilden Hotel Establishes Partnership With OpenKey To Enhance Guest Experience

Tilden Hotel, nestled in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco, has partnered with OpenKey, a company that provides keyless access solutions to hospitality groups. Tilden Hotel is owned and operated by the Point Hospitality Group, which has a reputation for providing guests with exemplary service in a relaxed and sophisticated environment.

Tilden Hotel Partners With OpenKey

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ShotSpotter Making Smart Cities Even Smarter

SST, Inc., the leading provider of ShotSpotter gunfire detection and location technology, has established a partnership with GE to embed Surveillance Technology in Smart street lights. Urban areas throughout the United States are heavily laden with crime and law enforcement agencies are struggling to maintain control.


ShotSpotter And GE Combating Gun Crime

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Japan Will Incorporate Smart Locks, With GPS Into An Innovative Bike Rental System

Bike Sharing offers many benefits for large cities and participants. People are choosing to ride their bike for daily commuting, because it is a more affordable alternative to public transportation and private car. This is not to even mention the health benefits of bicycling, which include reduced cardiovascular disease, obesity and type II diabetes. Bike sharing for cities means less congestion and pollution and decreased strain on governmental health programs.


Bitlock Smart Lock

Bitlock BikeSmart Lock

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MONI Smart Security Establishes Partnership With August Home

Formerly known as Monitornics, MONI Smart Security established a partnership with August Home, in an effort to expand its commercial and residential customer base. August Home, a leading provider of Smart Locks, has seen much success with its innovative interconnected products. MONI has already partnered with some of the biggest names in the Smart Home industry, including Amazon, Honeywell, Nest and Skybell.


August Pro Smart Home Access System

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