New Smart Lock Solution For Australian, Korean, and Japanese Motel Chains And Short-Term Rental Hosts

Smart Locks have taken the world by storm, especially among consumers that own their own home. These devices have gradually made their way into the commercial world, because they offer convenient, secure, and reliable entry options. Millions of homeowners and small rental properties companies have already joined the Airbnb marketplace, with many more expected to follow. Many of these individuals may not live in the same state, country, or providence as their residential and rental property, but they still want to rent out their properties on a short-term basis.


August Smart Lock


However, there are many strategies that one must face when taking this approach, especially since the property owner and client do not often get the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Several Smart Lock companies have joined forces with Airbnb hosts to provide them short-term rental hosts with a solid guest entry solution. Once the guest and property manager have comes to terms on the rental agreement, the manager will email a temporary digital key code to the guest several days prior to their arrival. The guest will input the digital key code into the Smart Lock touch keypad to gain entry into the guesthouse.

Igloohome is a Singapore-based company that provides homeowners and property management companies with Smart access solutions. Igloohome has come up with a new idea that will allow these individuals to offer their guests quick and easy access to mechanical keys and electronic key cards. The Smart Keybox stores up to 7 electronic key cards and 6 mechanical keys. Several days prior to the guest’s scheduled arrival, a digital key code or PIN will be transmitted to the guest via email or SMS. The digital key code is valid beginning on the arrival date and expires on the departure date.

If you are interested in the Igloohome Smart Keybox, you can visit The Keybox is currently available for preorder and expected to be delivered by early 2017.


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Sony Corporation Presents The Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

When the first Smart Lock hit the market, it took the world my storm. Today, millions of homes are protected by Smart Locks, with embedded motion-sensor HD cameras. These devices are extraordinary, because they provide homeowners, rental agencies, motel management, and business owners with convenient access to their establishments. Many Smart Lock brands got their start on crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, while others sprung up from established lock companies.


Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version


Qrio Smart Lock

The Sony Corporation has joined forces with Wil, LLC to debut the Qrio Smart Lock in the U.S. market. Sony is the brain behind the lock, which should tell consumers about its Japanese craftsmanship. The Qrio Smart Lock stands apart from other brands, because of its unique design and straightforward installation process. To add more security to your home, the lock is embedded with an auto locking/unlocking mechanism. Once the app-enabled device exits the wireless range, the mechanism will engage within 10 to 60 seconds.

The Qrio app is embedded with various features that enhance the lock’s functionality. By accessing the app user interface, you can create scheduled times for the Qrio to lock and unlock, add new user privileges, and check your home’s access history. The lock supports the Apple Smart Watch and Sony SmartWatch3. However, the smart watch must be compatible with your smartphone in order to function with the Qrio Smart Lock.

Qrio operates on battery power, utilizing two CR123A batteries that offer a runtime of 300 days. If you want to extend this, you can easily add two more batteries, increasing the runtime to 600 days (based on an average use of 10 times daily). The manual key can be utilized as an emergency backup resource, when the batteries fail. The Qrio app will sync multiple locks for added convenience. To gain remote access, the Qrio Hub is required and available as a package deal or a separate device.

If you are interested in the intuitive Qrio Smart Lock, be sure to visit the associated Indigeogo campaign page. The lock is only available in Japan and the U.S., but Sony hopes to expand into other markets in the near future. Units will be shipped beginning February 2017, so be sure to check out the early bird specials, so you will be on the receiving end of a fantastic deal.


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The August Smart Lock May Just Find Itself Competing With The Aspiring Gate Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock revealed to the world that there were more convenient ways to access your home than with the use of a mechanical key. The lock was released on the market October 14, 2014, with an updated version following a year later. The August lock can now be found in thousands of homes throughout the United States, but it may not be prepared to take on the much-anticipated Gate Smart Lock. This Smart lock is embedded with various components that will enhance its functionality:

  • Two-way speaker system
  • Motion-activated 720p camera
  • LED-lit touch keypad
  • Call button
  • Onboard rechargeable battery pack (4-month run time)
  • Keyway for manual entry

Gate Smart Lock


Gate Labs is the brain behind the Gate Smart Lock, comprised of two former Google engineers. Ehsan Saeedi CEO of Gate Labs hopes the lock will be the access solution that many homeowners have been waiting for, especially for those that spend a lot of time traveling and away from home. Instead of being forced to hand over a mechanical key to the dog walker or plumber, you will be able to provide them with a temporary e-key code or remote access.

Once the Gate app is downloaded to the iOS or android device, homeowners will be able to lock/unlock their front door from anywhere around the world. The “Call Button” will allow unexpected visitors to contact the homeowner and the two-way speaker system will allow the two to communicate. The homeowners will have the option of providing the visitor with a temporary e-code, which can be input into the keypad for instant access.

The tiny 720p camera will provide homeowners will visibility of the area in front of their home. Also, a live-stream video is available, just by accessing the app interface. When the motion sensor is activated, an alert will automatically be transmitted to the app-enabled device. Users will also be alerted when the battery reaches the minimum power level, but just in case you forgot to recharge and the battery is completely dead, the mechanical key will act as the emergency backup.

If you are interested in the Gate Smart Lock, be sure to head over the Indiegogo website. As of today, the campaign has raised $79,289 from 317 backers. You can support this innovative idea also by contributing a small donation or snagging an Early Bird Special, reducing the retail price by as much as 40%.



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Secure Your Cabinets And Drawers With The Smart Cube Lock

Smart Armor Tech is a technological startup that is changing the way consumers view Smart Locks. The company has developed a Smart Lock that can be retrofitted to interior doors, drawers, cupboards, luggage, and cabinets, virtually any enclosure that holds items that you want to keep out of reach of children and teenagers. The Smart Cube idea began on Indiegogo, a popular crowdfunding website that provides individuals with a platform to display and raise money for their product ideas.
Smart Cube Lock


Smart Cube is a very unique two-piece contraption that utilizes Bluetooth 4.0+ Technology to communicate with iOS and android devices. The base must be mounted to a flat surface (using 2 screws or 3M tape), where the dongle can make contact and slide into the Smart Cube. Then, a locking guillotine will slide into the dongle grooves and securely lock it in place. Even though the ABS polycarbonate constructed lock only measures in at 1-1/4” H X 1-1/4” W, it is strong enough to endure up to 100 pounds of impact.

This is a battery-powered lock that requires a CR2 battery, with a runtime of 1 to 2 years. Once the Smart Armor app is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and synced with the Smart Cube, users will be able to unlock/lock it from up to 150’ away. When the battery reaches the minimum power level, an alert will be transmitted to your app-enabled device. Users will also receive notifications if the enclosure is manipulated or becomes ajar.

If you are interested in the Smart Cube Lock, just visit the Indiegogo website to access the associated campaign page. Preorder today and receive up to 62% off the retail price. Delivery date is set for January 2017. If you have ambitious toddlers or teenagers running in and out of your home, this device may be exactly what you need to keep their hands off of your firearms, prescription drugs, and household chemicals.


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Sears Takes The Next Step To Modernize The Pro Series Tool Storage, With Smart Lock

 Sears has been struggling to stay afloat in today’s economy. The company launched their Smart Home product line in the first quarter of 2016, which included an 8,000 BTU Kenmore Elite Smart Air Conditioner, Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module, Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener, DieHard Smart Battery Charger, and Craftsman Wireless-Enabled Riding Lawnmower. Giving Sears credit for trying to improve their status in the Smart Home industry, by playing its strengths may prove to be very valuable.

Craftsman Pro Series Tool Storage, With Smart Lock

Well, the company has decided to take it is a step further, by integrating the Pro Series Tool Storage with Smart Technology. Craftsman tools and storage can be found in millions of garages and homes throughout the United States. The quality rating of these products rank among the highest in the business and they are backed by a lifetime-limited warranty. With the Smart Lock implementation, users will be able to monitor and manage the tool storage’s access activity right from their smartphone.

Once the associated app is downloaded on the tablet or phone, users will be able to lock/unlock the Smart Lock by accessing the app interface. The auto unlock feature will also come in handy, because when the app-enabled device enters the Wi-Fi range, the lock mechanism will automatically engage or unlock. The Smart Lock is also embedded with a tamper resistant sensor to add more security, so when the sensor is triggered an immediate alert will be transmitted to the app-enabled device.

The tool storage is also equipped with USB ports that can be utilized for charging mobile devices. This upgrade will definitely offer all skilled workers easier and quicker accessibility, more security, and peace of mind. The release date has not been revealed as of yet, but you can check out the Craftsman tool storage, by clicking on the Amazon link below.


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Google Preparing To Roll Out Home, A Smart Home Assistant Device

Google gradually enters the Smart Home industry, with plans to take on the Amazon Echo. The Google Home was announced in May and is expected to hit the market on November 4, 2016. Home operates on Google’s new voice assistant, which is also embedded into Google’s first smartphone, “Pixel”. The company hopes the intuitive Assistant will deliver a “two-way conversation”, just like Facebook Messenger’s chat-bots.


Google Home Smart Speaker


Although, Assistant isn’t a catchy title, it will allow users to control their Smart Locks, manage tasks, and get answers for specific questions from Google search engine, utilizing voice commands. Unlike Alexa and Siri, when users communicate with Google Home, they will address the device with “Google”. For instance, you can activate Google Now by simply saying, “OK Google”.

Amazon is already miles ahead of Google, since the Echo has reached over 3 million sales. Many consumers will be drawn to Home, because it offers them a quick solution to finding answers, utilizing Google voice search. Home’s unique short, stout design is different than that of Echo, which is a 9” tall, slender cylinder.

It remains to be seen whether or not consumers will be interested in investing in yet another Smart voice-activated speaker. If you are interested in checking out the Google Home, be sure to visit company’s original website. Click on the link below to learn more about Amazon Alexa-enabled Echo.


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LINKA Smart Lock Will Fully Protect Your Bike From Getting Stolen

Smart bike locks have become very popular, especially in metropolitan areas. Of course, when you ride your bike to and from work or school there is always the possibility that it will get stolen. Many individuals spend $200-500 on a bike, because it offers a much more affordable commute than a vehicle. While many business owners and educational institutes have bike racks set up outside their establishments, this just isn’t enough. This is where the LINKA Smart Bike Lock will come into play.


LINKA Smart Bike Lock


Auto Locking And Unlocking

LINKA is embedded with a Bluetooth 4.0 module, so it can communicate with your smartphone. The Bluetooth range is 400 feet, which is quite extensive when compared to other Smart devices. The lock recognizes your Bluetooth-enabled device and responds accordingly. When exiting and entering the Bluetooth range, the locking mechanism will automatically be enabled. This feature will definitely be an advantage for everyone that has their hands full of books, groceries, or electronics.

Cut-Resistant Shackle

Thieves can spot an insecure bike from a far distance away. The traditional chain lock is a thief’s best friend, snapping it apart with bolt cutters will be a breeze. The LINKA will not be so easy to tackle. The shackle is constructed out of steel that has undergone the through hardening process. It also has a square cross-section that will make it even more difficult to cut through.

You will be happy to discover that even though LINKA is constructed out of through hardened steel, it is still very lightweight. It only weighs 1.6 pounds, so you can toss it in your briefcase or backpack, without being weighed down.

100dB Siren

The embedded triple-axis accelerometer is a dynamic sensor that will detect movement. The accelerometer is designed to capture common movements of thieves and ignore accidental bumping to reduce false alarms. When the accelerometer detects unusual movement, the onboard 100dB siren will instantly be deployed. The alarm will be loud enough to deter the thief from stealing your bike and alert others of the event. An automated message will also be transmitted to your app-enabled device, if you are within the Bluetooth range. If you are out of the range, when the event occurs the LINKA team will relay the message to you.

Theft Indicator Map

Another safety feature that will help keep your bike safe from criminalistics activity is the Theft Indicator Map. The map was designed to help cyclists find a safe location to park their bike. If you are new to the neighborhood, you will not be aware of the high crime areas. This is where the map comes into play, directing you to the safest areas in the neighborhood. This feature is only available in the U.S., but there are plans to expand into new markets in the near future.

Battery Life  

The onboard rechargeable battery has a lifespan of 9 months, with each full charge. When the battery reaches the minimum level (5%), you will receive a notification via your app-enabled device, alerting you that it is time to recharge. If the battery happens to completely die, before you have time to recharge, you can input the 4-digit passcode into the lock and you will be set to go.

If you are interested in the LINKA Smart Bike Lock, be sure to click on the Amazon link provided below. You can also purchase a noose chain that is compatible with the lock for an additional cost. Release date is scheduled for October 3, 2016.


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PIN Genie Smart Lock Is A New KICKSTARTER Campaign That Shows Promise

PIN Genie is a new Silicon Valley startup that has developed a very unique Smart lock that many consumers will find very appealing. The PIN Genie Smart Lock is very unique in that it shuffles the pin numbers after each use. Surely you have heard of criminals looking over the shoulders of individuals utilizing ATMs, so they can obtain their PIN. Well, the same thing can happen to homeowners, when utilizing touchscreen door locks.


PIN Genie Smart Lock


PIN Genie is integrated with a Bluetooth chip, which provides a communication gateway from the lock to iOS and Android devices. The patent-pending touchscreen is what sets this lock apart from others. Not only does this technology transform an 8-digit code into 4, but it will also prevent burglars from being able to guess the code. To ensure consumers that PIN Genie provides ultra high security, the team decided to have it undergo the BHMA A156 Grade B test. The lock passed the test with flying colors, along with several other security standards (UL and FCC).

PIN Genie app is embedded with various features that will enhance the lock’s functionality and security. Users will have the option of enabling and disabling the touchscreen, which has never been offered with any other Smart lock before. When the “Safe Home Mode” feature is deactivated, other family members can still access the home, utilizing the mechanical key. Along, with the mechanical key access option, users can unlock the PIN Genie utilizing the mobile web app and touch pad.

If the passcode is inputted into touchscreen incorrectly 3 times an alarm will be triggered, with a follow up notification being transmitted to the homeowner’s app-enabled device. You can also customize the alarm to suit your preferences, by accessing the app interface. PIN Genie Smart Lock relies on 4 AA batteries for power, but if at any time the batteries die before you have time to replace them, you can utilize the emergency power backup feature. However, these batteries under normal use with provide a 3-year service life, which is quite extensive when compared to other Smart locks.

If you are interested in the PIN Genie Smart Lock be sure to head over the associated KICKSTARTER campaign page. As of today, 188 backers have pledged over $35,000, with 14 days to go.



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Schlage Introduces New HomeKit Compatibility Availability For The Sense Smart Deadbolt

Many Smart device manufacturers are opting to design their products around Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa software. Both the HomeKit and Alexa app offer voice command control, while you are at home. However, if you own the Apple TV and Amazon Echo, you will be provided with remote voice-activated capabilities. According to CNET, the Home app in iOS 10 will not change this fact, because an Apple TV will be required to access Siri off your wireless network. The reason for this is because the microphone embedded into your mobile device (mobile phone and tablet) are not powerful enough to pick up voice commands from far away.


Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt


The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt will now support Apple’s HomeKit home automation platform, thanks to the Home app. The Apple Home app will be the control center, so users can control Sense, utilizing their Apple mobile devices. The intuitive app interface is embedded with various features that will enhance the lock’s functionality. Users will have the ability to group their Smart devices, by room or type, so all of them can be controlled simultaneously.

The Apple Home app will also allow users to take advantage of the Geofencing Technology. This technology is customizable, so you can create a virtual fence around their home, utilizing GPS on their smartphone. You can create events, so when you enter and exit the geo-fence the Schlage Sense Smart Lock will lock and unlock automatically. This unique technology will definitely transform the way you normally access your home.

If you are interested in learning more about the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, be sure to click on the Amazon link provided below.


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Yale Releases A New Addition To The Yale Real Living Assure Series Lock

Yale is one of the most popular lock manufacturers in the United States. The company continues to expand their product line, with intuitive technology and design. Yale Real Living Locks have done really well on the market, so a new version has been released to complement the series. This version is integrated with a Bluetooth chip and compatible with Android 4.3 or later and iOS 7 or later, giving users the option of accessing their home utilizing their mobile device or keypad.


Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock


You will have the option of upgrading the lock, by investing in the Yale network module, which is sold separately. This upgrade will allow the lock to connect to your Smart Home network. The functionality of this lock, with the Digital Keys app is very unique. The “Twist and Go” feature within the app’s interface offers a distinctive access action. This feature works by activating the “key” symbol within the app and holding the app-enabled smartphone in proximity of the lock, while twisting the knob 90 degrees.

The Yale Digital Keys app supports an unlimited number of locks. You will also have an unlimited amount of key codes to share with relatives, friends, and public service providers. The lock will only store 12 digital key codes, so keep this in mind, when sharing them with others. The ANSI/BHMA standards certification will ensure homeowners that the lock will offer excellent security.

The Assure Bluetooth Lock is battery powered, requiring 4 AA batteries. The contacts located near the bottom of the lock offers an emergency backup charging option. Just touch the battery prongs with the contacts to quick-charge the lock, when the batteries are completely dead. If you do not have your phone on your persons, when you arrive home do not fret, because you can simply input the digital key code into the keypad to open the door.

If you are interested in the Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock, be sure to click on the Amazon link, provided below.


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