2014 KICKSTARTER Idea May Just Be The Solution To Sleep Depravation – Sense Smart Alarm

Do you find yourself tossing and turning night after night, if so you are not alone? According to the CDC, an estimated 50 to 70 million adults have been diagnosed with short-term or long-term insomnia, with excessive daytime sleepiness. Not only can insomnia alter your mood status, but it can also increase the risk of psychiatric issues and motor vehicle accidents. If you feel like your insomnia is controlling your life, you should definitely consider investing in the Sense Smart Alarm.


Sense Smart Alarm With Voice Recognition Technology


The brain behind Sense is James Proud, a 25-year old Londoner, who decided to take his innovative idea to KICKSTARTER in 2014. The campaign was an instant hit, raising over $2 million in the first month. However, Proud is not ready to stop just yet, because he recently joined forces with Temasek Holdings, a Singapore Government-owned investment company. The company previously held a fundraising event that raised $30 million, which will be utilized to help boost awareness of the Sense Smart Alarm.

Sense Smart Alarm

Sense is embedded with a Bluetooth 4.0 module, which acts as a communication gateway from the device to the smartphone or tablet. To enhance functionality, the team also utilized an array of sensors, including temperature, humidity, proximity, particulate (monitors pollen count), and ambient light. The orb is 2.75” in diameter, with 2.5” in height. The proximity sensor allows the user to dismiss alarms with a wave of their hand, while the temperature and humidity sensors monitor environmental conditions.

The embedded speaker works in conjunction with 15 customized wake tones, so you can perfect an audio sound that suits your early morning mood. The Sense Smart Alarm comes with a separate accelerometer, which is embedded into a durable casing. The Sleep Pill is equipped with a small clip that attaches to your pillow, so it can monitor your sleeping pattern and movement. The Sleep Pill is 1.1” in diameter and 0.55” in height, not much larger than a quarter.

Sense’s voice-controlled interface provides users with a hands-free control option. The orb will respond to simple voice commands, so you never need to get out of bed to silence an alarm or enable sleep sounds.

The Sense Smart Alarm supports third-party apps and Smart devices, including Nest and Phillips Hue. Sense is available in cotton or charcoal, so it will easily envelop into your home décor. Each purchase is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty.

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