Keezle Home Connect Is Ready To Secure Your Smart Home Platform

Your home network and Smart connected devices are always going to be at risk of a security breech. Online hackers are working day and night, trying to hack private networks. Individuals must utilize the appropriate WPA data encryption protocol to protect their wireless network. Even this form of security is not enough to stop all attacks. However, if you combine the WPA encryption with the Keezle Home Connect, your network will be secured better and protected against hackers.


Keezle Home Connect Smart Encryption Device

The Keezle operates by connecting to all Wi-Fi enabled devices and media streamers simultaneously, while keeping each device isolated by itself. The purpose of this operation process is to prevent all the connected Smart devices from getting hacked, in the event that one does get hacked. Keezle is embedded with VPN-Based Technology, so users can encrypt their Wi-Fi connection and secure weak links. This Smart encryption device is great for small business and Airbnb hosts, because it offers a protected guest network option.

Keezle is a battery-powered device that utilizes an 8000+mAh rechargeable battery. You can also utilize the embedded micro USB port to charge your smartphone, iPad, and tablet.

Keezle does have one downside and that is the monthly subscription fee. Of course, consumers will have the option of purchasing the lifelong premium service, which entails a one-time fee of $449. Other packages are available for a lower monthly fee, but this will mean lower speeds and fewer VPN server locations. If you are interested in pre-ordering the Keezle Home Connect, be sure to head over to the company’s official website.

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