A KICKSTARTER Campaign Launched For Yet Another Smart Lock – BOLD

Smart Lock manufacturers continue to see success, with many of them getting their start from crowdfunding projects. Each new lock comes with many similar features and very few differences. However, this makes them no less appealing to consumers. KICKSTARTER has been the starting point for many of these products, with thousands of backers rallying behind these campaigns. BOLD Security Technology has decided to take their Smart Lock project to KICKSTARTER. The campaign is only a few days in and 161 backers have already pledged $37,145.


BOLD Cylinder Smart Lock

BOLD is a cylinder lock, embedded with Smart Technology, with auto-unlock capabilities. Once the BOLD app is downloaded to the iOS or Android device and the pairing process is complete. The lock will recognize the app enabled device and automatically unlock every time the user enters the Bluetooth range (200 meters). What sets BOLD apart from other Smart Locks is its unique cylinder design. The BOLD DURACORE is designed to prevent plug extraction and bridge fragility. It does not have a keyhole, but it does have a full-length solid shaft.

As of right now, BOLD is designed to accommodate the Euro Profile, but in the near future an Oval and Swiss Profile will also be available. This is a battery-powered lock that utilizes a CR123A battery, with a 3-year run time or 25,000 activations. Every time the lock is activated, the green LED ring will light up, letting the user know that it is functioning properly. A Smart Lock remote is also available for an additional fee and can be requested via the BOLD KICKSTARTER page.

Users can also grant visitors remote access to their home from anywhere in the world. If you grant access requests they must be utilized within 30 seconds. Unused grants will automatically expire, when you return home and activate the lock. The user will also have the option of enabling and disabling the Auto-Activate function at any time.

There are two downsides to the BOLD Smart Lock. First, there is no mention of an auto-lock feature and to perform the action, you must push the button on the inside of the knob one time and then turn the outside knob, when exiting. There is only a 10-second activation period, so you must perform the action quickly. Second, the lock is lacking an emergency access option, but this is where the remote will come into play. Users can also utilize a friend’s smartphone to grant temporary access as a second owner.

The team probably decided to omit these features from the design to keep the lock compact and more eye appealing. If you are interested in pledging to the BOLD Smart Cylinder Lock, be sure to check out the KICKSTARTER campaign page.

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