A Konkuk University Students Wins Bronze At Spark Designs Award 2016 For Visually Impaired Designed Door Lock

ByoungKeuk-Kim was awarded a bronze at Spark Design Awards 2016 for his innovated Swing Door Lock. The lock is designed specifically for users with visual impairment, featuring a handle that can be manually moved up and down to match a secret passcode previously set by the user.


Visually Impaired Door Lock - Swing Door Lock


The handle will need to line up with the numbers installed on a circular body within the lock. The Swing Door Lock is not suitable for public facility installation, such as an office or a classroom, but works great for a residential setting. This limitation is due to the fact that unregistered users will not be able to be able to activate the lock, only the primary user.

The user will only need to touch the front of the lock and then pull the handle upward or push it downward to activate the unlocking mechanism. The handle will move in sequence with the preset passcode to open the lock, but the user’s hand will need to remain on the handle. The lock utilizes a combination system that is similar to a safe.

Swing Door Lock By ByoungKeuk-Kim

There are two versions of the Swing Door Lock, including the general version, which is equipped with a 5-number circular body and the security version with a 7-number circular body. For more information visit the Spark Design Awards official website.