A Smart Mailbox May Just Help Amazon And Google Drones Find Your Home Easier And Faster

As every online shopper knows, there is always the possibility of a failed delivery. With this being said, the USPS, UPS, and FedEx work diligently to deliver packages in a timely and accurate manner. Many of these companies utilize GPS Technology to track delivery trucks and drivers’ movement. While this is great, there is still one factor missing, identifying addresses.


Smart Mailbox ADDSMART Project


Lydia Ray, a Columbus State University computer scientist may just have the solution for failed deliveries. The project is called ADDSMART, which was presented at the IEEE Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Communications conference. The event was held on October 20 in New York City. The project revolves around reducing stress on surveillance systems and marking addresses for autonomous vehicles.

The missing key may just be the Smart Mailbox, embedded with a 13.56-MHz radio-frequency identification reader. This device is capable of identifying and tracking RFID tags attached to objects, utilizing electromagnetic fields. The mailbox will also be integrated with a passive-infrared motion sensor and USB camera, which will enhance the existing surveillance system dramatically.

GPS is a great way to identify addresses, because it utilizes longitude and latitude, but it is lacking in pinpointing specific addresses. As every driver knows it is nearly impossible to identify addresses with the human eye and many homes are not labeled with the street number and name, making the process even more difficult. The Google Street View is also a wonderful program, but it doesn’t work very well after dark.

The idea combines the RFID reader and GPS, which will be installed on the drone or delivery truck. The GPS will navigate the drone to the address and then the RFID reader will confirm the address by scanning the RFID tag.

The embedded passive infrared motion sensor and USB camera will also prove to be extremely handy. When the motion sensor is triggered, the USB camera will be enabled, snapping a picture and transmitting it to the recipient’s email inbox. The picture can be uploaded in Dropbox and shared with others. The solenoid lock will also unlock, when the RFID reader enters the range, which is limited to a short distance.

The Smart Mailbox is a work in progress, but if effectively initiated it could potentially solve a large portion of the online delivery issues.

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