Activate Your August Smart Lock With Logitech’s Smart Button

Most homeowners rely on their smartphone to control their Smart Locks. While the smartphone makes a wonderful controller, many people spend hours conversing with their friends and family, along with playing games, leaving little time for the Smart Lock. Today, consumers are looking for Smart controls that offer voice automation and simple control capabilities.


Logitech Pop Home Switch For Smart Locks


Logitech’s Pop Home Switch

August Home announced last week, the Logitech’s Pop Home Switch integration with the August Smart Lock. The switch, which acts as a portable remote, will allow customers to activate the lock with the press of a button. Once the app is downloaded to the iOS or Android device, adding Smart gadgets will be as easy as pressing a button, just once, twice or utilizing an extended press.

Users will have the ability to control multiple interconnected products with one action. Logitech partners with several companies, so the switch will support a variety of Smart devices, including lighting fixtures, music players and now the August Smart Lock.


Requires A Separate Wi-Fi Bridge

Since the August Smart Lock does not operate over Bluetooth, but only by default, the Logitech Smart Button will not support the lock. To make the connection, users will need to invest in the August Doorbell Cam or August Connect Hub, if they do not already have one installed in their home. These devices act as a Wi-Fi gateway, allowing the lock and switch to communicate flawlessly.

The switch is available in various colors, including white, alloy, teal and coral.

To learn more about the Logitech Pop Home Switch, please click on the following Amazon link.