Amazon Adds Smart Lock Control To Alexa’s Collection Of Native Abilities

Over a week ago, Amazon added a Door Lock Application Program Interface to the Alexa Skills Kit, in an attempt to simplify Smart Lock control for users. This update improved voice commands for Smart Lock partners, including Kwikset, August, Z-Wave, Schlage, Yale and Vivint.

As mentioned in a previous article I’d written, this would simplify the locking process, but due to security vulnerabilities, Amazon decided not to launch unlock support at this time.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

Smart Lock users will be able to lock their doors utilizing a native Skill, but to unlock the door a custom Skill will be required. For instance to lock the door, users will just say “Alexa, lock my front door.” Native Alexa support can also be utilized to check the door status, by saying “Alexa, is my front door locked?”

Now, to unlock the door users will need to utilize a custom skill. To command Alexa to unlock the front door, users will need to say, “Alexa, ask (skill name) to unlock my front door.”

So far, August Schlage and Yale already support the new feature. It appears that August is the only Smart Lock manufacturer to enable unlocking in Alexa.

Until Amazon can come up with a way to protect Smart Lock users from security vulnerabilities, when utilizing Alexa Voice Services, this is will be as good as it gets.

To learn more about Smart Locks, please click on the following Amazon link.