Amazon Establishes A Partnership With Intel To Extend Natural Voice Interaction

With such a variety of Smart interconnected products on the market, consumers will not have any issues making their home smarter. To move things on a little faster, Amazon partners with Intel to advance the Smart Home ecosystem even further. The companies will be working on two reference designs for an Intel-based Smart speaker, with Amazon Alexa integration.

Amazon Echo, With Speech Recognition Capabilities

The designs are aimed to assist manufactures develop voice-enabled devices that will feature the Alexa Voice Services and Intel platform. The new designs will be available some time within the first quarter of 2017, so developers will have an opportunity to explore and examine them further.

Both companies see this as an opportunity to extend voice automation to millions of new consumers. They are also encouraging device manufacturers to integrate voice automation in more products, with Alexa. The Intel Smart Hub is set for an upgrade with Amazon Alexa, so its customers will have access to voice control features.

Speech recognition is the future, because it is capable of recognizing spoken words and phrases, converting them into a readable format. This enables users to interact with electronic and Smart-connect device, eliminating the need for a smartphone or Smart remote controller.

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