An Indiegogo Idea That Will Deter Thieves From Stealing Bikes – SKUNKLOCK

Many states are striving to develop bike track infrastructures to reduce traffic congestion and encourage residents to get healthy. Thousands of Americans bike their way to and from work every day, leaving their bikes vulnerable to theft. In the past 5 years, bike lock companies have worked diligently to develop locks that could ward off thieves. However, many of these locks lacked the construction to prevent this from happening.



Daniel Idzkowski, California entrepreneur, and Yves Perrenoud, Swiss-born engineer, put their heads together to develop a durable bike lock, with a very unique design. The SKUNKLOCK is incorporated with a noxious chemical deterrent that will emit a foul odor and stain clothing. The lock will work twice as hard to protect your bike or motorcycle. Constructed out of 450 brinell carbon steal, measuring 130mm W X 238mm H X 19mm D.

Now, this is not a Smart Lock, but the SKUNKLOCK team takes pride in their invention. They focused more on the construction and design, omitting electronic gadgets and components. They wanted the lock’s blueprint to be geared toward safety and that is exactly what it does, but so much more. Stolen bikes bring a hefty price on the black market, so thieves will do whatever is necessary to steal as many as they can get their hands on. This includes utilizing blowtorches, pipe cutters, and angle grinders.

The U-lock design allows users to attach and detach the device in a matter of seconds. The crossbar is constructed out of high tensile strength steel, while the lock bar is constructed out of medium-carbon steel, with pressurized deterrent. The locking mechanism is state-of-the-art and tested to ensure high level security.

In order for the lock to work effectively, it must be locked completely. Each lock includes a unique mechanical key that is replaceable. If you lose the key, you can request a replacement, by contacting the company. Orders are shipped with overnight mail delivery, by request only.

If you are interested in learning more about the durable SKUNKLOCK, be sure to visit the company’s Indiegogo campaign page. As of today, the team has raised $46,599 from 373 backers, with 8 days to go. The first ship date for early backers is scheduled for April 2017.

To check out more bike lock alternatives until the SKUNKLOCK is released on the market, just click on the following Amazon link.