An Innovative Way To Grocery Shop For Swedes

Not everyone enjoys grocery shopping, but it is a necessary evil that must be done. Wouldn’t it just be nice to have the groceries delivered to your home? This was unless of course you have to reroute your entire schedule, just to prepare for the delivery. A startup pilot test program is currently in the works and being managed by no other than Glue, a Smart Home innovation company. Not only will this service deliver your items to your home, but they will store them away, and you do not even need be home at the time of the delivery. Of course, this entire process will only work, if the individual owns a Glue Smart lock.

glue smart door lock

By accessing the Glue mobile app, you will be able to create a temporary or one-time electronic key code and give it to the delivery service provider. Several other major Swedish businesses are joining this pilot program, ICA and PostNord. By accessing your app enabled device, you will be able to place an order from ICA, one of the largest grocery chains in Sweden, and have it delivered to your home by PostNord.

The homeowner will receive a notification, when the deliveryman enters and exits the home. This pilot test program is a big step forward, taking the delivery service to a whole new level. Of course, the whole idea of a stranger entering your home, when you are away can be unsettling to most people. The whole new delivery system will have to be built on trust, but you always have the option of installing a wireless security camera on the outside of your home. This device will alert you via SMS or email, when an unwanted visitor enters your property.

Meanwhile in America, Samsung has recently paired up with one of the largest grocery store chains, ShopRite. The new Samsung 4-Door Flex Smart refrigerator provides consumers with the ability to shop right from their smartphone. By accessing your app enabled device, you will be able to place an order from ShopRite and then pay with your credit card. Your items will be collected, packaged, and waiting for your arrival. Now, if only Americans could have their groceries delivered by PostNord, they would be forever more grateful.

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