August Introduces Siri-Controlled Smart Lock Upgrade And Much More

The August Home Corporation has just revealed several new Smart Home products and the Siri-Controlled Upgrade, which will revolutionize their Smart Lock. If you own an iPhone, you are surely familiar with the voice-controlled Siri, which can be a very enlightening way to control connected products in your home. This upgrade will allow you to control your preexisting August Smart Lock, through Siri.

The August AB-R1 doorbell cam is equipped with a motion sensor that is capable of detecting unexpected visitors at your home. Once the sensor is trigger, a notification will be sent to your source device instantly. The camera will provide you with a clear view of the individual that is standing in front of your door and you will then have the option of communicating and permitting them access into your home. This is a one-way camera, so you will be able to maintain your privacy at all times.

The August Access is a system that includes an unlimited list of public service providers within specific vicinity. Many professional businesses throughout the United States is joining this system, which will improve the way homeowners deal, communicate, and oversee a particular service provided by these companies. When you hire a company from the list of providers, you will be able to monitor every step of the process. The August Access system is capable of generating a scheduled E-Key to the service provider, which will be deactivated automatically at the commencement of the service. The August Access update will be available sometime in the near future to everyone that owns an August Smart Lock.


August AK-R1 Smart Keypad

Another innovative addition to the August Smart Lock is the AK-R1 keypad. This is an external keypad that should be placed near your entrance door. Not only will this device offer a different access option, which will operate with digital entry codes. Homeowners will have the option of customizing entry codes for their family, friends, and service providers. No iOS or Android phone will be required to gain access into your home. Instead the visitor will input the digital code into the keypad and after code is accepted the door will instantly be unlocked.

The installation process is very simple and no wire cutting or connecting is required. All hardware installation is included in the purchase price. The August Keypad is battery operated and requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries, which are also included in the package deal.

These new devices will not operate without the August Smart Lock and the free downloadable August app.

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