August Smart Lock Reviews: Best Smart Lock 2015

In today electronic crazed world, everyone is looking for convenient ways to operate their exterior home door, appliances, thermometer, and security systems. The Smart feature is becoming more and more popular, as homeowners begin to discover their existence. While there are innumerable Smart Home products available on today’s market, you will be blown away by the Smart Lock August.

august smart lock review

The August Door Lock has a very unique design that will transform your home into a futuristic environment. The installation process is extremely simple, with only the need to replace the interior portion of your preexisting lock. Others will not even realize that your exterior doors are equipped with Smart Locks, since all they will see when they arrive to your home is the traditional exterior hardware.



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August Smart home locks are compatible with all Android and iOS devices, so you will need to take a little time to download the August app to your mobile, source device. Once the download is completed, you will need to setup your account to suit your needs. You will always have the option of offering your family, friends, housekeeper, and the plumber an E-Key, which will allow them to gain access to your home for a specified amount of time. Once the visitor exits your home, you can revoke the access code, by using the August app.

The August Smart Lock is equipped with a Bluetooth chip, which will pair your source device with the lock, so they can communicate with each other without interference. You will need to install 4 AA alkaline batteries into the lock, since this is how you will gain access into your home, if the electricity is not operating for some reason. You will also have the option of utilizing the hardware keys that came with the traditional lock, but this will depend on your preferences.

The auto-unlock feature will offer superior convenience, since you will not be required to manually or digitally unlock your exterior door. The smart Lock will automatically sense your presence, when you approach and it will lock the door back, when you are exiting once you have left the Bluetooth range, by utilizing the EverLock feature.

You will receive instant notifications via your source device, when someone enters or exits your home with the August Smart Lock.



  • Auto-Unlock feature will unlock your doors once you have entered the 60’ Bluetooth range
  • Everlock feature will securely lock your doors every time
  • Extremely easy installation process
  • Embedded with the Apple HomeKit Technology
  • You will always have the option of utilizing the preexisting hardware key, as well
  • Available in silver, dark gray, champagne, and red
  • Compatible with universal single cylinder deadlocks
  • With new upgrade, lock can now be controlled with voice commands through Siri



  • August Smart Lock is still a work in progress, with software and firmware alterations being made routinely, you will see huge improvements in reliability


Overall Assessment

August Connect adapter can be purchased separately for $50. This will allow you to remotely control the August Smart Lock through the August app. Overall, you will be pleased with your purchase of the August Smart Lock, while it is still a work in progress, if you are willing to remain patient, you will absolutely love and appreciate this innovate home access product.


August Smart Lock Update

From the time of the previous recording, August has announced the upcoming release of two brand new products. If you’ve purchased the August Smart Lock, you will definitely want to consider adding these to your home, as well. The August AK-R1 Smart Keypad adds touchpad entry, while the August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam offers visual and verbal communication. Be sure to consider adding these new devices to your home today!


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