Austin City Leaders Are Taking A Different Approach To Reducing Energy Waste

One of the first Smart thermostats to gain nationwide attention was the Nest. The Nest Learning Smart Thermostat 1st Generation rolled out on the market on December 15, 2011. Yes, there was a learning curb that consumers had to overcome, but all in all the device proved to be worth its $200 price tag. The August 2nd Generation was eventually launched in 2012, followed by the 3rd Generation in 2015.


Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest Learning Smart Thermostat


When government officials first began talking about energy efficiency, consumers became skeptical and were not willing to reduce energy consumption, if it inhibited their lifestyle. Over time large corporations began to design products around energy efficiency, including appliances, electronics, and lighting. This not only took the decision from the consumer, whether or not to turn their home into a low-energy environment, but also made the process extremely easy. When combining energy efficient products with Smart Home devices, there would be no end to the possibilities.

Austin, Texas is the 11th most populated city in the United States, with a population of 931,830 and growing. City leaders are taking drastic measures to assist residents in reducing their energy usage, especially during the hot and humid summer months. While many home and business owners have already taken the steps to reduce energy waste, by investing in energy efficient products, many are yet to consider Smart-Connected devices.

Most of the newer homes in Austin are already installed with a Smart thermostat. However, many residents have not made this transition, but in the very near future, this will be mandatory in all new residential homes and rental properties. This requirement may be the key to reducing energy consumption statewide and save the Earth. Most building contractors already offer high-end Smart thermostats, so there will not be much to change on this end.

To encourage residents of Austin to get on board, Austin Energy is offering an $85 rebate to customers with a Smart Thermostat. The only catch is that customers participating in the PowerSaver program must allow Austin Energy to adjust the temperature up to 4 degrees, when electricity demand hits its highest point. Debbie Kimberly with Austin Energy said that the change usually only happens for a few hours about 15 days out of a year. As of right now there are around 50,000 customers participating in the PowerSaver program.

Some people have dropped out of the program over time, because they found the increased temperature setting undesirable. This mostly only happens in older buildings that are not efficiently insulated. People living in newer homes built under current regulations will probably not notice any discomfort.

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