BMW Unveils Plans To Integrate Alexa Into Their New BMW Connected App

BMW rolled out their new BMW connected app in April. However, the app had its limitations, first of all it only supported vehicles manufactured from January 2016. This would mean that only a limited number of BMW drivers would have access to ConnectedDrive Services, a portal where customers can create accounts in order to access and manage their personal data, real-time traffic reports, and book concierge services.


Amazon Smart Speaker Echo

Just this week, BMW unveiled their plans to update the BMW Connected app. The original version was only available for iOS, but with this new update BMW customers will have access to a BMW Connected Android app. This update will also be available in UK, reaching an additional 400,000 customers in the country alone. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because BMW has another surprise in store for their customers. When the updated version of the BMW Connected app rolls out in September, customers will also be able to unlock their car door utilizing voice interaction.

This will all be made possible through Amazon Echo’s voice-automated assistant, Alexa. Amazon will soon add another skill to Alexa’s long list of capabilities and that will be the BMW Connected. Consumers will be able to monitor their mileage, fuel usage, and lock/unlock their doors via voice commands. This is a dream come true for BMW customers that frequently lock their keys in their vehicle and forget to lock their doors.

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