Brand New Smart Lock For Guns Soars On Crowdfunding

The smart lock technology can be incredibly versatile and is capable of impacting more than just your home. A brand new smart gun lock is set to change the way consumers to keep their guns safe. A crowdfunding campaign has been on the Indiegogo website for just two days and it has already managed to bring more than its minimum goal. The smart gun lock startup company was founded by a few former members of the coveted Israeli Defense Forces. Although the lock doesn’t necessarily change the gun itself, it will enhance the gun’s safety and make it nearly impossible for anyone to tamper with your firearm.

zore x tech specs

Of course, the Zore X is more than just a gun lock. Gun enthusiasts can upgrade the lock with the addition of the bridge or the watchdog. Both devices add additional functionality to the lock, while helping to further secure the guns and prevent it from falling into devious hands. The bridge makes it possible for the gun owner to receive tampering notifications should someone attempt to break their gun’s lock. The Zore X features a CR2 battery, which delivers a year or longer or battery life. It also features a caliber specific locking unit and a movement sensor. The innovative unlocking dial makes it possible for gun owners to unlock and access their gun within a matter of seconds.

The Zore RAPIDial offers quick unlocking in all potential situations, including in dimly lit environments. Simply turn the dial a few notches, until your PIN code has been entered. The dial starting point and initial direction do not matter, so you can unlock the safety mechanism rapidly for better protection in emergencies. The startup has also announced the addition of the Zore APP, which will make it possible to remain connected to your guns no matter where you are. The app can provide you with activities locks for your gun’s lock. It details movements, unlocking attempts and status updates.

And finally, Zore wants gun owners to be able to access and use their gun rapidly. This is why they’ve implemented a training program within their mobile application. The Zore Trainer is a comprehensive training program, which helps to ensure consumers will be able to remove the lock rapidly, so they can protect themselves in emergency situations. The Zore X will be available in various caliber variations and is expected to be ready for delivery in February of 2017. Whether you’re a gun owner or just a smart technology junkie, you’ll definitely want to check out the company’s Indiegogo page and check out their innovative offering right now.

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