California, BeBop Sensors Launches Smart Helmet Sensor System

BeBop, leading provider of Smart Fabric Sensors, announced this week the Smart Helmet Sensor System. The Helmet utilizes a Monolithic Fabric Sensor Technology for a higher level of sensitivity, range of deployment and resolution. This technology is much different than the commonly used accelerometer, which lacks the ability to track the exact impact point and historical data.


BeBop Smart Helmet System

BeBop sensors are capable of measuring physicality, which is unlike most wearables that measure electrical activity of the heart (EKG) and brain (EMG). This is the first helmet sensor to ever capture a high-speed movie of an impact incident from a first person perspective. The technology can differentiate an accidental drop from a genuine motorcycle accident, eliminating false alarms.

Forty sensors are embedded throughout the helmet liner to achieve the exact impact point. Sixteen seconds of collision impact data is store in Ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM), a high-quality, non-volatile and reliable memory. The embedded Bluetooth Smart Technology supports data transmission. When the BeBop sensor is triggered, it will begin scanning the skull within milliseconds. The entire skull is scanned 400 times per second.

The emergency medical team will be able to utilize this data to pinpoint the exact impact location. This will improve responses to motorcycle crashes and the efficiency of hospital-based urgent care.

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