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The Level Of Security Provided By The Smart Lock May Determine Its Ability To Survive

Millions of consumers have already taken the plunge to invest in Smart Locks, while others are hesitant to make such a bold move. Many consumers are more at peace with their existing deadbolt, because it provides the necessities to keep their home secure and family safe. With the recent reporting about hackers remotely unlocking Smart Locks, it is no wonder why there is still such a high level of hesitation. Of course, this could actually apply to all connected devices, since they utilize an Android or iOS device as their main command center.


Kwikset Kevo Convert

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Used Smart Locks May Be A Risky Investment

Many consumers prefer used products to new products, because they are sold at half the original cost. Of course, there are some risks that go along with investing in used products, but overall it is genuinely a save investment. However, this cannot be said about used Smart Locks and other Smart Home gadgets, such as thermostats, doorbells and cameras. These devices have a companion app, which acts as the remote control, giving users the ability to create rules to control the device.

In order to utilize the companion app, it must first be downloaded to an iOS or Android device. In some cases, the process will require the creation of a personal account, with a unique PIN. This will require inputting your personal information and if the app utilizes geofencing to find your location, your home address may also be exposed.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

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Exploring The Benefits Of Apple’s HomeKit Smart Home Platform

Apple launched its home automation platform in 2014, offering promise to deliver simplicity to the once complex Smart Home control. While the company failed to gain much leeway for the first two years, it has worked diligently to add more partners over the past year. However, there is a bit of catching up to do to reach the same number of partners as Amazon has for its Echo platform.


Amazon Echo, With Speech Recognition Capabilities

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Stopping Bicycle Thieves In Their Tracks With The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock

Bolting your bike to a rack just isn’t enough to keep it safe. Of course, you can always throw in a traditional combination bike lock into the equation, but this will only delay the process.

A group of engineers from South Korea think they have the solution and that would be the Bisecu Smart Bike Lock. The lock utilizes a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset to communicate to the connected phone. It features a 100dB audible alarm, accelerometer, waterproof design, military grade encryption, gyroscope and patent-pending locking mechanism. If a thief tampers with the lock, an alert will be transmitted to the connected phone and the audible alarm will be activated. This will alert the owner and the people in close vicinity of the event.


Bisecu Bike Lock

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Amazon Unveils New Door Lock API To Simplify Alexa Commands

Amazon’s new Door Lock API, application program interface, was added to Alexa Skills Kit. The API will improve voice commands for a several of the company’s lock partners, including Z-Wave, August, Yale, Vivint, Kwikset and Schlage.

The Skill name must be included in the voice command. For instance, Schlage Sense customers utilizing an Alexa custom Skill must say, “Alexa, ask Schlage to unlock my front door.” Some customers will find this voice command a little too lengthy, while others will just be happy to be able to control their Smart Lock with Alexa.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

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What Homeowners Need To Know Before Investing In A Smart Lock

Smart Locks make the perfect replacement for a contemporary deadbolt. If you decide to join the Smart Lock world, you will be able to manage your entrance doors from anywhere. For instance, you will be able to check the lock’s status and lock the door remotely from the companion app.

However, upgrading a door lock is not as simple as replacing a conventional light bulb. The installation process will require a bit more time and hands-on, plus the lock has to be paired with the existing Internet router. Most consumers have concerns about the cost of a new Smart Lock, which will vary depending on the features, connectivity standards, brand, functionality and design.


August Smart Lock Mortise Kit

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A Smart Home And Realtors Report Shows Homeowners Feel Smart Locks Are Important

A report by the National Association of Realtors examines Smart Home devices and their impact on the real estate market. The Smart Homes and Realtors report surveyed real estate agents nationwide, finding 15 percent of agents receive questions from clients about Smart Homes. Forty-two percent of the agents voiced interest in attaining a Smart Home certification, which could indicate an increasing confidence among licensed agents that Smart Home technologies will play a major role in the real estate market.


Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

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How Smart Locks Stand Up To Conventional Locks

Many consumers are questioning the security of the Smart Lock, but isn’t it far to say that both the Smart Lock and conventional lock have security issues? The traditional lock is vulnerable to bump keys or lock picks and Smart Locks are vulnerable fuzzing, device spoofing and replay attacks.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

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Using IFTTT To Control Unsupported, Unofficial Third-Party Devices

As Alexa’s third-party company partnerships and skills are growing, the virtual assistant is having trouble keeping up. Alexa has a history of not playing nicely with specific services and devices.

There is still hope with IFTTT, a popular website that is capable bridging the gap between Smart gadgets that don’t officially work together. IFTTT allows users to break the rules and control innumerable third-party gizmos and online services that aren’t officially supported.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart lock

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The Future Role Of The Smart Lock In Property Management

IDC is predicting the Internet of Things to be worth $1.7 trillion by 2020, while Gartner projects a jump up to 13.5 Billion by the same year. The supply and demand for Smart gadgets is gradually increasing every day, top-speed highly capable Wi-Fi will be primary focus of the next 4 years.


Smart Technology

Smart technology is being integrated into every gadget that developers and tech manufacturers can get their hands on. Smart building owners are becoming more and more reliant on intelligent predictive analytics. This technology is capable of detecting glitches in internal systems and notifying the owner of the issue, before they become a major issue.


Brinks Array Smart Lock

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