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Google Home Update Adds 12 New Partners, Including August Home

Google launched its voice-activated speaker in 2016 and is preparing for roll out in UK and Europe on April 6, 2017. The Google Home is a big competitor of the Amazon Echo, which launched on June 23, 2015. This time difference gave the Echo a huge start, with over 10,000 “skills”, but the Google Home is dedicated to proving its potential in the Smart Home industry.

After a major update, Google Home users can now utilize the Google Assistance to control third-party connected devices from 12 different companies, including Lifx, August, Rachio, Wink, First Alert, TP-Link, Vivint, Frigidaire, Best Buy Insignia, Geeni, Anova and Logitech Harmony.


August Smart Lock

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FCC Photos Reveal Apple’s Mystery Device – An Electronic Lock

Apple submitted an application to the FCC last fall for a wireless, low-powered device, as it is described in the application. Of course, rumors were running wild that the device could be an AirPort router or new version of the Apple TV, but no one could put their finger on what the device could be.


Apple Mystery Device Appears To Be An Electronic Lock

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Amazon Adds Smart Lock Control To Alexa’s Collection Of Native Abilities

Over a week ago, Amazon added a Door Lock Application Program Interface to the Alexa Skills Kit, in an attempt to simplify Smart Lock control for users. This update improved voice commands for Smart Lock partners, including Kwikset, August, Z-Wave, Schlage, Yale and Vivint.

As mentioned in a previous article I’d written, this would simplify the locking process, but due to security vulnerabilities, Amazon decided not to launch unlock support at this time.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

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Apple Provides Consumers With An Up-Close Look At Its Smart Products Work

The Smart Home phenomenon is still drawing lots of attention from consumers worldwide. Home automation allows people to control and manage their home from afar. This capability is very appealing to individuals that spend a large portion of their time at work, school and traveling.


Kwikset Kevo Convert

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Schlage Unveils Amazon Alexa Integration

Schlage, a leading provider of deadbolts and Smart Locks, announced a partnership with Amazon to provide customers with voice-automated capabilities. The Alexa integration will allow customers to utilize Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap to control their Connect Smart Lock.

Over the past few years, Schlage has been working diligently to make its Smart Locks lineup more compatible with Smart Homes. The company already partners with Z-Wave to enhance the functionality its connected locks and to provide consumers with more compatibility options.


best electronic deadbolt

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Sciener Unveils Its Smart Digital Door Lock

Sciener, a technology company, in partnership with Accelvo Pvt Ltd creates a Smart digital door lock that will offer convenience and a high level of security. The lock was designed for Airbnb and Homestay hosts, so they can manage their properties from afar.

The new Sciener Smart Digital Lock s201 synchronizes with smartphones and tablets regardless of location. With this lock, Airbnb hosts will be able to provide guests with a more convenient home entry experience. The lock replaces mechanical keys with a smartphone and unique electronic code. Hosts will be able to manage access for guests and monitor access history from anywhere.


Sciener Smart Lock s201

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Amazon Alexa Will Now Unlock The August Smart Lock Per Verbal Request

A recent update to an existing Alexa skill will allow August Smart Home customers to open their door with voice command. With the new update, users can verbally command Alexa to unlock their door for the first time. Previously, August customers could utilize Alexa to unlock their door, but the request had to be made directly from the Alexa app.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is one of the most popular Internet-connected locks on the market, along with the Schlage Sense and Kwikset Kevo. The August lock utilizes Bluetooth to communicate with the existing wireless router and relies on AA batteries for power.


August Smart Lock

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Waze Update Adds Support For Google’s Smart Lock Security Feature

Now that Waze supports Google’s Smart Lock security features, users of the navigation and directions app, will have the ability to obtain the information much quicker. This is mainly due to the fact, that users will be able to skip the login details and open the app instantly.


Waze App Update Is Now Available

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Microsoft Invites App Developers To Utilize Its Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever asked Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa a question, only to receive a confusing answer? This is only normal, since the two voice assistants’ capabilities are still extremely limited.

Microsoft may just have come up with a way to improve its artificial intelligence. The company thinks if it can encourage more and more app developers to utilize its technology it will become smarter over time. This may be possible, since the software giant’s artificial intelligent software can learn and adapt in the most sophisticated ways.


Microsoft Cortana With Voice Assistant

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Noble Biomaterials Partners With Bemis Associates To Develop Conductive Material For Smart Apparel

Noble Biomaterials, a leading provider of conduction solutions for soft surface applications, announces partnership with Bemis Associates to develop state-of-the-art material that provides easy integration of electronics into attire. The conduction material features Noble’s Circuitex Technology, which is capable of detecting, transmitting and protecting electronic signals in a flexible, soft format. The technology is designed to provide designers with the freedom to develop flexible and durable Smart attire, utilizing Bemis Sewfree Bonding.


Noble Biomaterials Circuitex Technology

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