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Sony Finally Joins The Smart Home Market

Sony, a leading provider of gaming, electronics and entertainment products, announced at CES 2017, it would join the Smart Home market. Sony’s Xperia line of Smart products includes an earpiece, projector and robot.

Sony Xperia Ear

Like Amazon’s Alexa that resides into the Echo, the Sony Xperia Ear is a virtual personal assistant, but it is portable, so users can take it with them everywhere. The personal assistant resides inside the functional earpiece and will perform various tasks per request. She will recite text messages, deliver commands to your existing Smart Home gadgets and run web searches. The Xperia Ear can be controlled with voice commands with precision.


Sony Xperia Smart Projector

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Control4 Adds BakPak Monitoring On The RK-1 Router And NK-1 Wireless Controller

Control4, a leading provider of Smart Home solutions, announces the release and availability of BakPak on Pakedge RK-1 Routers worldwide. The integration will be the first for the industry, enabling Control4 dealers to provide customers the benefits of a fully monitored Smart Home network.


Pakedge RK-1 Routers With Bakpak

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A Konkuk University Students Wins Bronze At Spark Designs Award 2016 For Visually Impaired Designed Door Lock

ByoungKeuk-Kim was awarded a bronze at Spark Design Awards 2016 for his innovated Swing Door Lock. The lock is designed specifically for users with visual impairment, featuring a handle that can be manually moved up and down to match a secret passcode previously set by the user.


Visually Impaired Door Lock - Swing Door Lock

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LEDVANCE Is Now Selling Its Sylvania Smart Lighting Products On

LEDVANCE, a leading provider of lighting products, announced Monday that its Sylvania Smart Lighting line is available on Canadian consumers will now have access to one of the top brand lighting products on the market. LEDVANCE has a broad portfolio of outdoor and indoor Smart lighting products. These products are designed to integrate with third-party Internet-connected devices and products.


Sylvania Lightify Smart LED Bulb And Hub

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Smart Rubbish Bins Are Arriving In New Zealand

While developers are busy building Smart Cities in the United States, councils throughout New Zealand are installing Smart rubbish bins in their communities. The Smart rubbish bin, Clean Cube Bins, utilize cloud-based technology and GPS to monitor trash collection and find the actual location of the unit.


Smart Rubbish Bins Are Being Used Throughout New Zealand

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Control Your Yale Real Living Assure Locks With Voice Commands Thanks To A Seperate Apple MFI Chip

Yale, a leading provider of a wide range of door locks and padlocks, has a decent Smart Lock line up, including the Yale NexTouch and Yale Real Living Assure. The company announced earlier this month the HomeKit integration, which allows Yale customers to control their Smart Locks, with voice commands via Siri.


Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock
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The Next Time You Ride Your Bike To School Secure It With The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

Lattis, a Smart-city startup, unveiled its new Smart Lock at CES 2017. The lock is designed to protect consumers from bike theft, with Smart Technology and a Bluetooth chipset.

Automobile manufacturers are incorporating Smart Technology into their vehicles’ security, safety and access systems. Today, a Smart vehicle can warn the driver of dangerous obstacles and suspicious tampering activities. Until now, bikes were left out of the loop.


Lattis Smart Bike Lock

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Google Home Now Supports Honeywell And Belkin WeMo Smart Gadgets

Google Home has a bit of catching up to do to reach Amazon Echo’s functionality level. However, Google is striving to add new third-party integrations as fast as possible, with the recent additions being Honeywell and Belkin WeMo.

Google Home customers can now control their Belkin WeMo and Honeywell Smart devices through Assistant on their Google Home voice-automation speaker. Belkin’s Smart product line up includes bulbs, switches and cameras. The Amazon Echo integration with WeMo was announced in 2015, beginning with the WeMo Light Switch.


Google Home Smart Speaker

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AiRstayz Partners With OpenKey To Offer Keyless Access To Guest Rooms

AiRstayz, a coalition of hoteliers in Australia, partners with OpenKey, a standard for universal digital key technology, to provide guests with easier access to their room. Short-term rental management companies around the world are implementing the OpenKey software into its operational processes. AiRstayz will have the pleasure of bringing this state-of-the-art technology to Australia.


Birches Serviced Apartments In Melbourne Australia

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Do Your Makeup And Talk On The Phone Using The Same Device – Viio Vezo Smart Mirror

Applying makeup to perfection requires a lot of patience, time and expertise. Viio is a company that has designed and created a line of Smart mirrors, the Vetta ($695), Vero ($445) and Vezzo ($395). The Smart mirror will empower the user to apply their makeup and communicate with their friends and family members in a hands-free manner.


Viio Vetta Smart Mirror

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