Do Your Makeup And Talk On The Phone Using The Same Device – Viio Vezo Smart Mirror

Applying makeup to perfection requires a lot of patience, time and expertise. Viio is a company that has designed and created a line of Smart mirrors, the Vetta ($695), Vero ($445) and Vezzo ($395). The Smart mirror will empower the user to apply their makeup and communicate with their friends and family members in a hands-free manner.


Viio Vetta Smart Mirror


The brains behind Viio Mirrors are a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset and the accompanied app, which will connect the mirror to the mobile device wirelessly. The embedded two-way communication system will allow users to stream music and make phone calls through the mirror.

To help the user perfect their makeup, the mirrors are designed with LED surround lighting. LEDs produce little heat and can operate on a low-voltage power supply. They are also very environmental friendly and produce little to no UV emissions.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides a run time of 6 hours. Each mirror comes with a permanent plug to eliminate the need for recharging. The installation process requires no wiring. Just mount it on a wall and pair with the existing Wi-Fi router. Touch controls are embedded in the bottom, center of the mirror.

Viio Mirrors are already being sold in Lowe’s, Best Buy and Home Depot in Canada. They will be available in the United States in the spring of this year.

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