Dojo Keeping All Of Your Smart Home Devices Safe

With the recent influx of all the Smart Home devices on the market, everyone has become concerned with online hackers. Well, Dojo labs believe they have the situation under control with their new product. The device is supposed to be capable of detecting unusual activity in the homeowner’s Smart Home devices and Home Automation Hub.

Dojo acts as a security gateway between all the Smart Home and electronic devices. The product consists of a base router and a pebbled shape object that can sit on the router or be transported throughout the home, where the home occupants can monitor it. The router base will connect directly to your existing Ethernet to a Wi-Fi router.


The pebbled shape object will glow different colors, when it detects any unusual activity. Each color will represent a different problem and these problems can be addressed through your app enabled device. For instance, it the device glows orange, it means that the problem was detected, but it was immediately blocked. However, if you get a red glow, it means this is a problem that you will have to fix manually. When nothing is going on, the device will glow green. The homeowner can block or allow any activity to pass through their network, by accessing the Dojo app.

How many times have you been surfing the web and accidently came up on a malicious website? Probably more times than you would like to admit, since there are so many of them on the World Wide Web. The Dojo will keep an eye out for these types of sites and will warn the user immediately, before they can pick up any malware. The great thing about Dojo is that it is a network-based device, so there is no tedious installation process required. Just plug the Ethernet cable into your existing router, download the mobile app, complete the initial setup, and let Dojo do the rest.

This unique device is wireless, battery powered, and it will even familiarize itself with your home devices, by analyzing the metadata streams that pass through all of your wireless devices. This is how the device sets up a perimeter and keeps anything malicious out of your network.

Believe it or not Dojo Labs, the creators of the device, was founded by a group of security experts and hackers. The group has made it their mission to keep all your smart devices safe from any malicious threats. As mentioned above Dojo sure seems like a fitting name for keeping your smart devices safe. The product is already available for pre-order and will be shipped March 8, 2016. Be sure to check out more odd smart home gadgets now!

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