Examining The August Smart Lock More In-Depth

August Home, a leading Smart Lock provider, launched its second-generation Smart Lock on October 14, 2015. While millions of consumers immediately jump onboard, millions more were hesitant, because these devices are responsible for securing their most valuable asset, the home. There is always the concern that Smart Locks may not be able to provide the same level of security as a traditional deadbolt. While this may be true in some cases, the August Smart Lock is integrated with retrofitted physical hardware, which basically means that it works with the existing deadbolt.

When searching for a solution that will offer reliability and convenience, while securing the front door, there is no doubt that the August Smart Lock can provide these necessities and so much more. Many models cannot be put on the same level, because they offer a difficult installation, hit-or-miss performance and a lagging, confusing companion.


August Pro Smart Home Access System



The August Smart Lock is extremely reliable and eye appealing, with a user-friendly app. The lock works with Comcast’s Xfinity Home, Nest, Apple’s Siri and the Logitech Harmony.

Since, the version 2.0 retrofits with existing deadbolts, like Kwikset, Schlage and Baldwin, it can be installed by anyone, even someone with little to no mechanical skills.



With a variety of finishes available, including red, copper and gray, giving enough options to suit almost every consumer. The 3.39” diameter, with a depth of 2.22” is slightly larger than the average doorknob, but still looks great when installed on the door.

The August Home team didn’t alter the original design, but did tweak the faceplate to make it more secure. The faceplate on the original model slipped around when the lock was turned, exposing the batteries that it is responsible for hiding.

Since the existing deadbolt is still usable, the included mechanical keys will act as an emergency access option. Visitors and those passing by will not even realize the home is installed with a Smart Lock.


5-Step Installation Process

Grab a Phillips-head screwdriver and get ready to install your new August Smart Lock.

  • Step 1– Check for compatibility
  • Step 2- Remove the thumb latch from the existing deadbolt
  • Step 3- Attach the included mounting plate to the existing deadbolt
  • Step 4- Select the correct adapter, attach it to the back of the August lock and life the wing latches
  • Step 5- Connect the August lock to the mounting plate and then flip down the wing latches

Now, that the installation process is complete, it is time to activate the batteries. To do this, remove the magnetic faceplate and pull away the separator tap. August utilizes a Bluetooth chipset, which offers a 30’ range.


Setting Up The August Smart Lock

Download the app to the Android or iOS device. Create an account and then press the “Set Up Lock” feature. The app will immediately begin scanning for the lock. Once the app finds the lock, you can personalize it by giving it a unique name and then you will be asked to add a house name, which can also be a random term. After you have done this, the app will connect to the lock.

To calibrate the lock, just open and close it once manually. This allows August to figure out how much power the lock needs to operate the door efficiently.

To enable geogencing, just select the “Auto-unlock” option located in the settings section. If the location services on the phone are on, the geofencing map will automatically make the necessary adjustments to find the current location. Now is the time to adjust the detection perimeter distance, which begins at 100 and goes all the way up to 5,000 meters.

The auto-lock feature is timed, which means that the lock will automatically lock after 30 to 5 minutes of inactivity.

To add remote access capabilities, invest in the August Connect accessory. This device will make the lock even smarter, so users can control it anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available. Consumers also have the option of investing in the August Doorbell Cam, which also acts as a Wi-Fi gateway, instead of the Connect accessory.

The HomeKit configuration is a little more in-depth, but the setup is seamless. Once the configuration process is complete, users can ask Siri to lock/unlock the door. A fourth-generation Apple TV will be required for remote access capabilities.


Final Word

Once the August Smart Lock is set up, it works flawlessly and reliably. The remote Siri access does not come with any instructions, since there isn’t a dedicated HomeKit app. With a little maneuvering, time and testing out various scenarios, you will be rewarded with remote Siri access, making it worth the hassle.

To learn more about the August Smart Lock, please click on the following Amazon link.