Expanding Your Home Automation System Can Never Be Easier Than With The Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub

Many technology, appliance, lighting, and HVAC companies are taking the dive into the Home Automation market. The main reason for this is because experts believe that Smart Home devices are going to bring in a lot of revenue within the next 5 years. Consumers are now shopping for devices that make their life less complicated, with home security and energy saving benefits. This is exactly what Smart Home devices can provide, but so much more.

Lowe's Iris Home Automation Pack

Lowe’s Home Automation Pack

Lowe’s is one of the most popular retail home improvement companies in the U.S., Australia, and Mexico. Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware was the first Lowe’s store, a North Carolina-based business that has grown into an empire. When the company first started doing business, its main focus was snuff, groceries, horse tack, and dry goods. Today, the company focuses on a more modern product line, including appliances, lumber, hardware, roofing, and lighting. Lowe’s most recent venture involved Smart-Connected devices, keeping in tune to the consumers’ needs.

Individuals that have not yet taken the plunge into the Smart devices should definitely consider Lowe’s Home Automation Pack. The pack includes a Smart Socket, Motion Sensor, and Smart Button, all of which are ZigBee devices. The Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub is the brain behind these devices, because it allows users to create a Smart-Connected wireless network. Each Smart device is paired with the Iris Hub, so users can access and control them simultaneously from the iOS or Android Iris app.

Lowe’s offers an array of Smart devices, including the Iris Outdoor Security Camera, door/window sensors, Iris Programmable Thermostat, Iris Next Gen Smart Care Pendant, and Iris Security Alarm Keypad. These devices combined together will create a high-grade security system and energy efficient home environment. You can also access the app user interface to set up time (on/off) schedules and view historical data. Alert notifications are also transmitted to the user’s app-enabled device, when motion sensors are triggered.

When comparing the Iris Home Automation Pack to SmartThings, the price tag is definitely much friendlier, but only if you already own the Iris Smart Hub. The hub is also a little difficult to operate, especially when it comes to the installation process. However, if you are living on a fixed budget, you may want to consider Iris, but just note there is an optional $9.99 monthly Premium Plan subscription for on/off scheduling.

The SmartThings Monitoring Kit is compatible with Yale and Schlage Smart Locks.



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