Exploring The Many Available Smart Lock Deals

The Smart Lock is the first connected device to get attention from consumers. The nifty device is capable of turning a traditional manual lock into a state-of-the-art locking marvel that can be remotely activated. The Smart Lock eliminates the need for a mechanical key, providing homeowners and tenants with the ability to access their home, utilizing a personal PIN, voice, touch, fingerprint or smartphone.



Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Lock

Is Price A Barrier?

According to a recent study, the high-ticket price tag attached to Smart gadgets is holding the industry back. However, there are some great deals on Smart Locks and the prices will continue to gradually until they are affordable for every consumer.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

One such deal is the Kwikset Obsidian Lock, which can be programed to open with a PIN, smartphone or associated Bluetooth dongle. Kwikset’s Kevo Second Generation Smart Lock is also another great deal, especially if you are willing to invest in a refurbished unit. The Kevo First Generation, launched in 2016, is even a better deal for consumers that are willing to compromise on optional compatibility. The first generation and second generation are fundamentally the same, but the second generation offers more compatibility, with a wider range of door types.


Schlage Smart Lock

Schlage has a decent Smart Lock line, with various models, including its Sense model, with Apple HomeKit integration, which provides users with voice control capabilities. The Schlage Sense is still a little pricey, but there are refurbished units available in several online retail giants’ stores. For consumers who are willing to compromise on the HomeKit integration, the Schlage BE365, a keypad combination deadbolt, is available for the less than half the price of Sense. This model is not as “Smart” as the more expensive model, but it provides the user with the ability to add and remove electronic key codes.


August Smart Lock 

The August Smart Lock Version 2.0 was only released in 2016, so its price tag is still out of reach for many consumers. However, this makes the 1st generation very enticing, with almost $100 in savings. The version 2.0 and original model pretty much have the same design, but August did smarten up its configuration, so it interacts with the user much better. The design was also tweaked to hide the 4-AA batteries and better secure the faceplate.

If you haven’t invested in a Smart Lock yet, you just find the original or refurbished models suitable for your wallet. Be sure to check them out on Amazon.