FCC Photos Reveal Apple’s Mystery Device – An Electronic Lock

Apple submitted an application to the FCC last fall for a wireless, low-powered device, as it is described in the application. Of course, rumors were running wild that the device could be an AirPort router or new version of the Apple TV, but no one could put their finger on what the device could be.


Apple Mystery Device Appears To Be An Electronic Lock

FCC published photos and a user manual of the device, which utilizes both NFC and Bluetooth wireless standards. When looking at the photos, the device is similar to a badge reader, which attaches directly to a door assembly.

According to the user manual, the mystery device will play a sound and turn green to indicate granted access and turn run to indicate declined access, with a second sound. It will also “present the company provided credential to the reader.”


Apple Submits Application To FCC For Electronic Lock

Apple’s most notable Smart Home product on the market is its innovative HomeKit software platform, with Siri, a virtual personal assistant that has an extensive voice automated organic language interface. The software enables device makers and Smart Home manufacturers to create Smart Locks and other gadgets that work with the iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple watch and iPhone.

The electronic lock appears to be designed for either retail use or Apple corporate. Of course, Apple has never unveiled a plan to create a Smart Lock or Smart Home hardware, but this may prove that they are doing just that behind the scenes.