GEMECOD’s IKILOCK Smart Lock – Checking It Out

ikilock smart lock

Gemecod IKILOCK Smart Lock is a system that uses a smartphone to wirelessly unlock a door from any distance, as long as one has signal. It promises high bit-rate encryption systems to ensure that it functions properly, and not at the behest of a hacking attempt.  Administrators can share virtual keys with anyone, and deny access to keyholders at any time.  Sensors on the door will notify the administrator if the door isn’t closed properly, or unauthorized access has been obtained through that portal.

ikilock smart lock

What Does it Do, and How Does it Work?

IKILOCK is a product of the three-dimensional printer revolution.  “I knew from the beginning that 3D printing was the right technology to produce some of our prototype’s parts,” Jacque Leneveu, the CEO of GEMECOD states.  They made numerous builds with the printers before running public relations campaigns.  Between the 3D printing and CNC machining technology, a cost-effective solution is in site.

It offers the consumer the ability to use their smartphone instead of their physical keys to gain entry to applied locks.  Because the assembly is in it’s alpha on the consumer market, Gemecod get’s to be the standard bearer in this foray.  The thought of a single parent trying to juggle a baby stroller and fumble her keys is an obvious mental image, a reason why this came to being is obvious.  There are other applications which this is useful.

Imagine unlocking your door in the parking deck of your apartment building, then you and your friend heft your television through the gate and up the stairs to your door.  All it would require is you to be able to turn the knob.  You don’t even feasibly have to set the large item down, just get your fingers around the door and turn the knob.

Or imagine your child has lost or broken their smartphone.  He contacts you at work, and you ask him when he will be home.  He says, “Five minutes.”  You can open it without departing your location.

When Can we Expect it to be on the Market?

Pre-orders for this are being taken on the company website.  It is a France-based company, and not everything is hammered out, as far as manufacturing 100% of the products might not be made in that country.  This is causing delays, no matter how slight.  The consumer will be the final arbiter, if they want to unlock their doors while their hands are free, or fumble for keys in the rain, child on one hip and groceries in the other hand.

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