Gesture Recognition May Just Overtake Interactive Voice Response In The Smart Home Industry

Smart-Connect devices are very innovative, but the tech giants found a way to make them for interactive, utilizing interactive voice response Technology. Many consumers are drawn to these devices, just because they can control them with voice speech recognition. This is made possible with a smartphone or tablet and software program. Instead of needing to access the user interface to make alterations, users can simply voice a command. This hands-free control option is extraordinary, but it only gets better from here.


Bixi Smart Controller With Gesture Recognition

Gesture recognition is truly innovative, because it focuses on hand and face gesture recognition. This technology is now being embedded into Smart-Connect devices, transforming user experience into a virtual reality venture. Consumers are really drawn to hands-free control, whether it is voice automation or gesture recognition.

Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home Smart Speaker are just two examples of voice-activated Smart-Connect systems. The Echo was released on the market November 6, 2014, reaching over 3 million sales and growing. Google just released Home on November 4, 2016 and consumers are already catching on to its innovative design and capabilities.

In the future, Smart Home devices will recognize hand gestures that can be programmed to activate/deactivate or perform specific actions. For instance, users will be able to turn their Smart thermostat off by moving their hand in circular motion. A specific gesture will control a specific interconnected Smart device. This is truly amazing, when you consider the fact that 5 years ago this was not possible.

The FIBARO SWIPE Frame is a dream come true for Smart Home customers. The control pad is recognizes six gestures, including left, right, circle to the left and right, up and down. This is a battery-powered device that utilizes four rechargeable batteries and as of right now, it only supports Z-Wave gateways or hubs, including Homeseer, VeraLite, Vera, SmartThings and the FIBARO Home Center 2.

Another alternative is the Bixi Smart Home and Apps Controller, which is currently being displayed on KICKSTARTER. The Bixi team has successfully raised over $86,000 from 832 bakers, with 26 days to go. Bixi supports gesture recognition, providing users with a hands-free interaction like no other. The device is compatible with various third-party Smart devices including LiffXX Smart Light Bulbs, GoPro Cameras, and Bose Soundtouch Speakers. Hopefully, there will be a future integration for Smart Locks.

If you are interested in contributing to the Bixi KICKSTARTER campaign, be sure to visit the associated webpage. KICKSTARTER deliveries are scheduled to ship in March 2017.

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