Get The Most From Your Home Sale By Installing Smart Home Products

According to top financial analysts, the staggering housing market is contributed to shifting demographics, low inventory, lower income, student loan debt, high demand and market unpredictability. However, with the right marketing tactics your home could bring a hefty price. Besides adding flowers, new siding, triple-paned windows and an upgraded HVAC system, you should consider installing Wi-Fi enabled devices.


Schlage Connect Smart Lock

Smart-Connected Devices

Smart devices are transforming the housing market. KB homes’ Smart cities are just one example of this transformation. This American homebuilder is incorporating Smart Home Technology into their house plans. According to recent studies, first time millennial homebuyers will sacrifice parking spaces, higher rental fees and yard space for Home Automation.

Internet-connected locks, thermostats, appliances, lighting fixtures and surveillance systems allow homeowners to manage their home even when they are away. These devices also provide homeowners an unmatched opportunity to have their home to stand out from the neighbors.

Many sellers think sprucing up their home involves a fresh coat of paint, landscaping upgrade and classy-looking rental furniture. While these will help make your home look more appealing to the homebuyer, it may just not be enough to entice them to sign on the dotted line. Smart Homes are not only boosting curb appeal, but they are also being snatched off the market, as soon as they are listed.

According to a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker in 2015, 71 percent of homebuyers wanted a property that’s “move-in ready”. Of 1,250 participants, 44 percent expect the home to be installed with Smart features, with the most important ones being garage door openers, appliances, locks and thermostats.

It is a fact that Smart Home adds to the value proposition of a home. It also adds to the marketability of the home, allowing it to sell at a much faster pace than a traditional home.

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