Go Keyless With The Kwikset Obsidian Or Kwikset Premis

Millions of consumers have already traded their traditional deadbolt in for a Smart lock. However, when it comes to security, just any ole’ Smart Lock will do. Instead of putting your home at risk, you should secure your front door with either the Kwikset Obsidian or Kwikset Premis Smart Lock.


Kwikset Obsidian Smart lock


KwikSet Premis 

The Kwikset Premis Smart Lock utilizes a touchpad similar to those found on other brands. However, the lock is different in that it offers compatibility with Apple HomeKit, which is basically a set of Smart Home protocols that is built into the software, it can run iPads and iPhones. The HomeKit integration allows users to control the Premis directly from an Apple mobile device, with the Home app. Users will also be able to create a shortcut in their iPhone’s Control Center, so they can command Siri to lock and unlock Premis.

Users are not required to pay extra fees just to share access with family members, friends, co-workers and service providers. The accompanied app handles multiple users superbly and users will have the ability to limit access to specific times and days. They can also set the key codes to expire after a set amount of time.


Kwikset Obsidian

While the Kwikset Obsidian has not been yet been released, consumers had the opportunity to see the lock in action at CES. The lock’s design is very unique and compact, giving it a more modern appeal. The Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock adds an additional safety features to prevent lurking burglars from studying the users fingerprints to figure out the PIN code. The feature works by displaying two random numbers on the touchpad, these numbers will need to be pressed, before inputting the actual PIN.

Kwikset is expected to release the Obsidian sometime this summer, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

To learn more about the Kwikset Premis Smart Lock, please click on the following Amazon link.