Google Home Update Adds 12 New Partners, Including August Home

Google launched its voice-activated speaker in 2016 and is preparing for roll out in UK and Europe on April 6, 2017. The Google Home is a big competitor of the Amazon Echo, which launched on June 23, 2015. This time difference gave the Echo a huge start, with over 10,000 “skills”, but the Google Home is dedicated to proving its potential in the Smart Home industry.

After a major update, Google Home users can now utilize the Google Assistance to control third-party connected devices from 12 different companies, including Lifx, August, Rachio, Wink, First Alert, TP-Link, Vivint, Frigidaire, Best Buy Insignia, Geeni, Anova and Logitech Harmony.


August Smart Lock

This means that August Smart Lock customers can send a voice command to Google Assistant to check the status of the lock. This update will play a huge role in advancing the Google Home into other markets and enhancing its abilities. Before the update, the Google Assistant supported third-party Smart devices, such as thermostats, plus, lights and switches.

In December, Google unveiled its plan to expand Weave, the language utilized by Google devices to communicate with each other.


August Smart Lock

The first lock to work with Amazon’s Alexa and now the Google Assistant, August Smart Lock is one of the most popular brands on the market, followed by the Schlage Connect Smart Lock and Yale Real Living Keyless Deadbolt. When utilizing Google Assistant to control the lock, users will only be able to check the lock’s status. Alexa will check the status of the lock and unlock the door, but the action requires a PIN code.

Starting today, the August Smart Lock, including the first and second-generation will work with Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home and Alexa.

To learn more about the August Smart Lock, please click on the following Amazon link.