Google Preparing To Roll Out Home, A Smart Home Assistant Device

Google gradually enters the Smart Home industry, with plans to take on the Amazon Echo. The Google Home was announced in May and is expected to hit the market on November 4, 2016. Home operates on Google’s new voice assistant, which is also embedded into Google’s first smartphone, “Pixel”. The company hopes the intuitive Assistant will deliver a “two-way conversation”, just like Facebook Messenger’s chat-bots.


Google Home Smart Speaker


Although, Assistant isn’t a catchy title, it will allow users to control their Smart Locks, manage tasks, and get answers for specific questions from Google search engine, utilizing voice commands. Unlike Alexa and Siri, when users communicate with Google Home, they will address the device with “Google”. For instance, you can activate Google Now by simply saying, “OK Google”.

Amazon is already miles ahead of Google, since the Echo has reached over 3 million sales. Many consumers will be drawn to Home, because it offers them a quick solution to finding answers, utilizing Google voice search. Home’s unique short, stout design is different than that of Echo, which is a 9” tall, slender cylinder.

It remains to be seen whether or not consumers will be interested in investing in yet another Smart voice-activated speaker. If you are interested in checking out the Google Home, be sure to visit company’s original website. Click on the link below to learn more about Amazon Alexa-enabled Echo, visit Amazon here.

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