Google Rolls Out New Actions For Its Network-Connected Speaker – Home

Anxious consumers, who preordered the Google Home finally, received news that their order was being shipped on November 16, 2016. Many customers were thrilled with their purchase, but others not so much, with complaints ranging from lack of versatility, to the inability to create a calendar. With this said, Google home is showing a ton of potential, but it has a long way to go to catch up with Amazon’s Echo.


Google Home Smart Speaker


Just this week, Google began rolling out actions for its interconnected speaker, Home. There will be 30 or more actions in all, the largest since the Home launched, from third-party companies and developers. One of the most notable updates was Netflix support through Chromecast and this is not to even mention Google providing Home users the ability to display images from Google Photos.

Some of the actions are already available, with the others expected to in the upcoming weeks. Home customers can access the actions, by visiting the Services section of the settings menu, which is located inside the Google Home app. Users will gain the ability to order Domino’s pizza, utilize Todoist to sort their to-do list, research their signs and system with WebMD and receive news updates from NBC News, NPR and NBC News.

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