Great News For Consumers, Who Have Invested In Smart Door Locks And Amazon Alexa

Amazon worked diligently to rollout one of the best Smart Home devices of all time. On top of this, Jeff Bezos and his dynamic team has implemented the Amazon Echo to make it universally compatible with third-party devices. Since, its release in 2015, Echo has undergone several transformations. What really sets Echo apart from other wireless speakers is the voice-activated personal assistance, Alexa. Today, the Amazon Echo can be found in over 3 million homes and for the most part, consumers are very satisfied with their investment.

Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker

Echo has definitely redefined the home automation hub. Unlike, the traditional hub, which gave users full control over their Smart Home devices, using their smartphone and tablet, Echo has taken these capabilities even further. With the Alexa app and voice control technology, users can control these devices from across the room, without accessing their mobile device. There are already numerous third-party brands that support Alexa app enabled devices, including WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Hue Philips, Uber, Wink, Ecobee and Insteon, just to name a few.

Amazon has just revealed their plans to partner with the August Home, Inc. August will be the first Smart Lock to be integrated with Alexa. Consumers, who own the August Smart Lock, August Connect and Amazon Echo, will soon have the ability to command Alexa to lock/unlock their entrance door. This is another step that Amazon is taking to ensure consumers that the Echo has the ability to make their life easier and their home more secure.

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