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Throughout the years, technology has gone through an amazing revolution. New products, gadgets and electronics have been released to the public. The majority of these is extremely impressive and helps to make the consumer’s life a little less stressful. In the past few years, all eyes have been opened to the power and convenience of home automation. Being able to adjust your thermostat or check in on your security camera from afar is tremendously reassuring and convenient. Now, smart locks for home are beginning to take the market by surprise. The best smart lock will provide your home with security and you with immense freedom and lock kwikset

Imagine being able to unlock your front door, without doing anything. Or maybe you can simply walk up, press your finger against the lock and immediately unlock your door. These devices might seem like something out of the future, but they are here today. Smart door locks offer futuristic functionality for the modern world. Tech enthusiasts, homeowners and even commercial operations will want to consider making the transition from a boring old door lock to the most secure smart lock on the market!

With many reputable companies, including Yale, entering the smart lock market, it is doubtable that these devices will go away quietly. In fact, it is almost certain that they’ll continue to improve and thrive well into the future. This revolutionary entry system is a must have for anyone, who wants to experience the future today! If you’re ready to exit the prehistoric age, you’ll want to read the information below and familiarize yourself with the top rated smart locks on the market!

Best Smart Locks


Model Name App Compatible Guest Access Access Types Amazon Rating
august smart lock reviews August Smart Lock Yes Yes Key, Smartphone App, eKey, Remote Access 3.5/5
august lock 2nd gen August Smart Lock 2nd Gen Yes Yes Key, Smartphone App, eKey, Remote Access 5/5
Schlage Smart Lock Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Yes Yes Key, Smartphone App, Touchscreen, Remote Access, Compatible with Apple HomeKit 5/5
yale security yrd220-zw-619 Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619  Yes Yes Touchscreen, Key 4.2/5
schlage connect smart lock Schlage Connect Smart Lock Yes Yes Key, Smartphone App, Touchscreen 4.3/5
samsung ezon SHS-3321 Samsung Ezon SHS-3321  No Yes Key, Touchscreen, Card 4.9/5
kwikset smart locks Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Yes Yes Key, Smartphone App, Kevo Plus Gateway (see full review), Touch-to-Open 3.1/5
samsung smart lock Samsung Smart Lock SHS-P718  No Yes Key, Smartphone App, Card and Fingerprint  4.2/5
dana smart lock DanaLock Smart Lock Yes Yes Touch, Key, Smartphone App, eKey, Remote Access 2/5

Best Smart Lock Reviews

August Smart Lock: Great For Innovate Home Entrance Access

This Smart Lock is designed to offer convenience in accessing and securing your home. Switching from the preexisting traditional lock will definitely be a breeze, since all you need to do is replace the interior hardware with the August Smart Lock. This installation process is so simple that it will only require about 10-20 minutes of your precious time.

august smart lock reviewThe August app will allow you easy access and full control of the lock. You will also have the option of sending your family member or dog walker an E-Key, which allows instant access into your home. The August lock can now be Siri controlled, thanks to a new upgrade. The 128-encryption code will prevent criminals decrypting and gaining access to your home.

It is however not without some issues including:

  • Delay in auto unlock feature, which may take up to 30 seconds
  • Occasional unlocking without any command given
  • Auto unlock features does have a tendency to fail about 10% of the time

August Door Lock developers is aware of these issues, so they are continuously pushing forward in developing new strategies, firmware, and software upgrades to improve and eliminate these malfunctions. You must remember that this futuristic Smart Lock technology is still a work in progress, but with these new upgrades, you will begin to notice a significant difference in the functions of the device.





Second-Generation August Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock

The second-generation August Smart Lock is now available and it appears to be a success. Millions of homes are not secured with some type of Smart device and these numbers continue to increase daily. Of course, for one reason or another, many consumers have chosen to wait to invest in these devices. Well, the time may now and the second-generation August Smart Lock has just arrived at the perfect moment.august smart lock 2nd gen

The upgraded version of the August Smart Lock offers an additional access option, which is no other than the voice automated feature. Thanks to the embedded Apple HomeKit, you can now command Siri, the virtual assistant to lock and unlock your door. This highly innovative designed Smart Lock is definitely a must have, plus your children will enjoy tinkering around with Siri.

The original version of the August Smart Lock came with some minor installation difficulties, which appeared to reflect on the sales’ numbers. Well, this issue has now been eliminated and can be installed on your front door within a matter of minutes. You will receive 3 additional lock adapters with your purchase, so you can easily customize the perfect fit.

Second-Generation Upgrades

  • Integrated with Apple’s HomeKit Technology
  • Easier installation process, which only takes minutes to comple
  • Bluetooth wireless technology ensures 100% connectivity

The second-generation August Smart Lock works more efficiently and installs much easier than the original version. August is one of the first brands to enter the Smart Home market and its success is obvious. The updated version is highly secured with two-layer encryption to prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal data and home.



Schlage Sense Smart Lock Deadbolt

If you are ready to transform your home into a Smart Home, you will need to start with the Schlage Sense. This fabulous Smart Lock will provide you with the convenience and security required in today’s world. The auto-lock feature will definitely come in handy, when your hands of full, because once you enter the 40’ Bluetooth range, the lock will automatically unlock.schlage sense smart deadbolt

The Century Trim will match wonderfully with any entrance door and it will actually add more glamour to the interior and exterior of your home. You will have multiple access option to select from including touch pad, Schlage Sense app, and mechanical key, which means you, will never have to worry about misplacing your iPhone or keys ever again.

Installation is very easy and can be completed in a very timely manner. You will need to download the Schlage Sense app on your source device, before you can begin the initial setup. Once you have everything up and running, you will never regret replacing that traditional lock and key.

  • Excellent warranty
  • Remote access
  • Keyless entry
  • Astounding value
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit

The built-in security alarm will offer added protection for you and your family. Be sure to utilize Siri voice control to unlock the Schlage, this is a great feature that everyone will want to sample.




Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 – Best of Both Worlds

Some smart locks offer limited functionality. That isn’t the case with the Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619. This is a password entry lock, which also features keyed entry. The lock is available in three beautiful color schemes, which guarantee that it’ll look beautiful on the outside of your home. The system includes a “Privacy Mode”, which allows you to block out all codes and prevent anyone from entering. This is a vocal smart lock, which is capable of communicating with you in English, Spanish and French!Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619

The system also provides the consumer with added reassurance thanks to the automatic re-lock functionality. The system is capable of storing a maximum of twenty-five personalized entry codes. This makes it suitable for single-family dwellings, as well as multi-family buildings. A one-year warranty helps to enhance the overall value of this specific device. The installation process can be completed within a matter of minutes and only requires a simple screwdriver.

Although the Yale Security YRD220-ZW-619 is thoroughly impressive, it is not without flaws.

  • Touchscreen is very sensitive
  • Touchscreen becomes ineffective when wet
  • Installation must be precise

Despite a few flaws, this smart lock should not be ruled out immediately. As an overall package, it is wonderful and will serve you excellently. Ultimately, it is well worth the overall cost!


Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Exterior Lock – Almost perfect, but not quite.

Everyone is turning to digital and electronic door locks, because they offer so much convenience and control. Reliability plays a huge factor, when it comes to gaining entrance into your home. If you currently have a traditional lock on your front or back door, you definitely understand the frustration that one will feel, if the master key is lost.schlage smart lock

The Schlage Connect is constructed out of heavy duty materials, which are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -31-151 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also weatherproof, so moisture or rain will not be able to enter the device and damage the interior components.

The built-in security alarm will help you sleep at night, because it someone tries to gain entrance into your home, the alarm will be triggered, which will send out a loud audible alert instantaneously. The Schlage is compatible with Z-Wave platform, so you can control every aspect of the lock, while also having the option of setting up codes for others.

Schlage has an exceptional customer service department and works diligently alongside the customer to strategize and correct every issue possible.

  • Remote entry, touchscreen, and key entry access
  • Superior manufacturer’s warranty included (lifetime on mechanical components and finish) and 1-Year on other factors
  • Built-in security alarm technology

This is a high tech keyless exterior door lock, which is constructed out of heavy duty materials that will offer durability and longevity. If you are a little forgetful, you will definitely appreciate this technology, because it is the up and coming trend.


Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Door Lock – Basic, but perfected!

Samsung has always maintained its status as one of the leading manufacturers of innovative products. This is certainly true with their high-tech Samsung Ezon. The smart lock is very affordable and utilizes a double authentication mode. This guarantees that nobody is able to enter your home, without your permission. The system is capable of reading four to twelve digit number combinations. This gives you customization and more peace of mind knowing that guessing your code will be much less likely.Samsung Ezon SHS-3321

The lock is equipped with a number of different sensors, including high voltage, fire and weather, as well as an efficient tamper-proof alarm. Many consumers will be happy to know that this lock doesn’t have Internet connectivity or a traditional key. The installation process is very simple and shouldn’t take more than a half hour to complete.

Although the Samsung Ezon is a wonderful product, it does have a few minor flaws. These will be listed below for your consideration.

  • No Internet connectivity, so no remote locking or unlocking your doors
  • No traditional key might be a concern for some

Overall, the Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 is undoubtedly one of the best smart locks on the market. Despite its few flaws, the pros outweigh the cons and make this product well worth its affordable price tag!


Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock – Well on its way to perfection. 

Kwikset has been in the game for a lengthy period of time and their products are very reputable. The Kwikset Smart Lock is not much different. It provides the user with extremely flexibility and several ways to unlock their door. Although it is equipped with a traditional keyhole, it is also compatible with an assortment of Android and iOS devices. The device is engineered for use with exterior doors where security is a top priority. It comes with two eKeys and an unlimited amount of guest lock kwikset

For enhanced security, the lock is equipped with military grade PKI encryption. It also offers remote access, so you can lock and unlock your door from afar. With the use of four batteries, no Internet or electricity is needed. The associated smart lock app is incredibly flexible and allows the consumer to schedule dated and timed access for each guest. This makes it ideal for those that employ cleaners or rent out rooms.

Although this lock provides many benefits, it has a few notable flaws.

  • Very sensitive and can unlock when you’re home
  • Not completely responsive
  • App could be better

Overall, the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock offers some convenient features and ultimately looks great. Some insist it isn’t ready for prime time and they might be right, but it works significantly well for others. As of October 13, 2015 the Kevo Plus Gateway was made available to everyone that owns the Kevo Smart Lock. This new hardware will offer remote locking/unlocking from anywhere around the globe. Just plug the Kevo Plus into your Ethernet router to receive an abundance of benefits.


Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 – A Little of Everything.

The Samsung Smart Lock SHS-P718 offers the best of both worlds. It can be used with a 4 to 12 digit combination to keep your home safe and secure. It also stores and reads fingerprints! The system is capable of analyzing up to one hundred fingerprints, which should be enough for the majority of businesses and residential dwellings. The lock interface is fitted with a digital display. It can present messages, such as “Locked” and “Unlocked” to the lock reviews

This door entry system is equipped with a double authentication mode. This adds more security to your home or business. The lock’s IR sensor is capable of detecting someone’s presence. When it has, it’ll automatically activate the Welcome feature. Aside from fingerprints and pass codes, this lock can be unlocked with an RFID card.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 is great for its intended purpose, but it does have some glaring flaws. These can be found below.

  • Can’t be used with exterior doors
  • Installation is very time consuming
  • Fingerprint scanner could be improved

If you’re looking for a great smart lock for an interior door, the Samsung SHS-P718 is a great choice. It is great for this specific purpose, but somewhat limited elsewhere.


Danalock Smart Lock

The Danalock Smart Lock offers convenient home access, by using the Bluetooth connectivity, Z-Wave technology, and Danalock mobile app. Instead of replacing all of the door hardware, Danalock is adapted to fit over top of the preexisting deadbolt.

Once the Smart Lock installation is complete, you will have full control over your home access. You can send permanent, temporary, or scheduled electronic keys to your friends, family, or any public service provider. Notifications will be sent to your iOS or Android device, when someone enters or exits your home. danalock reviews

The beautiful Scandinavian design will incorporate into any existing home décor and door hardware. Do not fret about security, because the Danalock is integrated with the highest residential encryption code, so hackers will not be able to gain access to your personal data or home.

It is however not without some issues including:

  • Incompatibility with a variety of deadbolt brands
  • Difficulty recognizing the lock’s status
  • Software has some kinks to be worked out

The Danalock team is currently working to resolve these issues. It is important to note that this is new technology that is seeing improvements. Homeowners will need to be patient and wait for software updates and new deadbolt compatibility options. review


What Is A Smart Lock?

Before rushing head first into a decision, you should get to know these door locks better. What exactly is a smart lock? Well, these devices are a type of door lock, which provides you with entry to your home, without a key. In some senses, they are very similar to keyless entry systems. They’ll give you the ability to leave your front door key behind, since you can always use your finger, a password or your smartphone to gain entry. When making a smart lock comparison, you will find that there are many differentials amongst those currently available, but they all serve a universal purpose.


Different Types Of Smart Locks 

As mentioned above, there are many differentials among the current smart locks. They all serve the same purpose of controlling access to a dwelling, but each will fulfill that purpose in a unique manner. There are several different types of locks to choose from and each will provide you with a certain level of convenience. Below, you will find a breakdown of the various smart lock mechanisms.


Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smart Lock

It is undeniable that Bluetooth smart locks are rapidly gaining in popularity. They’re extremely convenient and offer many amazing features, which aren’t available with other locks. These devices almost always work in correlation with a smartphone. You can pick up your phone, access a smart lock app and maneuver a slider, in order to unlock your door. Others are capable of detecting your phone, once it enters the lock’s proximity and automatically unlocking the door for you. Many of these locks also give you the ability to temporarily authorize certain individuals to enter your home.

The logging features of Wi-Fi smart locks are unparalleled. They’re capable of tracking who accessed your home, when they entered and when they left. This offers immense reassurance and peace of mind, while also ensuring that potential thieves and criminals can be apprehended with ease. These types are the newest of the new and offer many jaw dropping features, which will leave you impressed and amazed.

If you’re going to purchase a smart lock, which operates off of a smart home automation platform, you will need to make sure that you purchase a corresponding smart home hub. Be sure to check out the best smart home hubs right now.


Biometric Smart Locks

These types of locks have been utilized for many years and often frequent high security locations. They’re capable of keeping out unwanted individuals and almost guarantee that they’re completely tamper proof. These devices are equipped with some type of scanner, which inspects a unique feature on your body, before it allows you to enter. The most common are iris scanners and fingerprint scanners. The fingerprint variations are undoubtedly much more cost efficient. For added security, the iris scanning models are recommended.

These types of entry systems are very convenient and help to prevent the pain and suffering involved with losing your keys. In fact, your key will be embedded on your body, at all times.


RFID Door Locks

In all likelihood, you’ve already experienced the convenience of an RFID smart lock. They’re frequently used on vehicles and allow the user to gain entry to their car, by simply pushing a button on their key fob. These types of locks have become so mainstream that most will have trouble remembering the last time they used a physical key to open their car door or pop their trunk. In the past few years, the innovative of the smart home has brought this technology to residential buildings.

Although this is undoubtedly a convenient and high-tech way to gain access to your home, you’ll still be required to carry around a physical remote control. Still, the possibility of pushing a button to unlock your front door is very desirable!


How to Choose a Smart Lock?

Before rushing into a decision, it is absolutely imperative to step back, slow down and consider your options and desires. Before reading smart lock reviews, you should take the time to figure out exactly what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. There is also an assortment of other factors that should be noted. For your convenience, a breakdown of these will be listed below.

Price – It would be a lie to suggest that you don’t look at the price, before purchasing anything. In today’s world, price is always important. The smart lock price can vary from brand to brand, so setting a budget for your purchase is pertinent. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be blinded by this figure, because spending more can sometimes ensure that you receive a better product, which will serve you more accurately.

Ease of Installation – How skilled are you with your hands? If you’re inept with power tools and hand tools, you’ll want to choose a smart lock that offers an easier installation. Using the existing deadbolt is recommended, as this will make the transition significantly easier.

Type – What type of smart lock fits your needs the best? If you carry your Android or iOS phone everywhere you go, you will be better suited with a Bluetooth smart lock, which is compatible with smart phones. If you want more familiarity, you should stick with a key fob controlled RFID door lock. Although each is wonderful in its own right, you will find one that is better than the rest for your individualized needs.

Where To Install? – Where will you be installing your smart lock? Unfortunately, some are only designed for interior use. If you’re looking for a lock for an exterior door, you will need to make sure that it is capable of withstanding Mother Nature’s wrath. If you only want an interior lock, you will be able to choose from many more options.

How Many Need Access? – How many individuals will be accessing your home? If you have more than a handful, you’ll want to choose a system, which offers flexibility. Granting temporary access to a repairman or maid would be great! Systems, which use a smart lock app, usually offer this type of functionality.

Design – Since the smart lock interface will be visible inside of your home, you will want to make sure that it is sleek and stylish. This one is fairly straightforward and will only require a quick glance. Some specific locks are available in numerous colors for more personalization.

Battery Backup – It is highly probable that your home’s electricity will go out sometime in the future. How long it will remain unusable is unpredictable, but it is essential to prepare for this downtime. Choosing a system, which has a backup battery, is highly recommended. This will ensure that you’re never locked outside of your home, regardless of the circumstances.

Customer Service – Whether you’re buying a tablet, computer, rocking chair, or a smart lock, you will always want to choose a reliable company! Being able to contact the manufacturer and receive answers to your questions rapidly is great. Research the company’s history and responsiveness, before doing business with them.

Warranty – Since life is unpredictable and complications can arise, you should always invest in a lengthy warranty. Although the best smart door lock will offer plenty of longevity and durability, peace of mind is invaluable. Therefore, you should not hesitate to spend a little extra for a lengthier warranty. In the future, you will likely be glad that you did!



At the end of the day, there are numerous smart locks on the market and the majority of them are great. However, only one will suit your needs, preferences and budget perfectly. Above, you have been gifted with the knowledge and wisdom needed to fully understand these devices. By taking your time, analyzing the comprehensive reviews above and making a comparison of each, you will eventually be able to find the right smart lock for your particular situation. From there, you will be living in the future and will never have to worry about losing your keys ever again!

Be sure to stay tuned to Best Smart Lock, as news, tips and additional reviews will be added regularly! We hope that you’ll continue checking back frequently, so you don’t miss out on all of our future updates!