igloohome Launches A New Addition To Its Smart Lock Lineup – igloohome Smart Deadbolt Lock 02

igloohome, a Singapore-based lock company, unveiled its first Smart product, which was a Smart access solution, which provides short-term rental managers a secure place to store mechanical keys, while offering easy access to their guests. In March 2016, the company launched its first Smart Lock, with Bluetooth capabilities.


Wi-Fi Free Operation

With great success from its door lock and Keybox, igloohome is launching yet another Smart Lock, the igloobolt Smart Deadbolt 02. The deadbolt utilizes a Bluetooth chipset and mobile app to communicate with the authorized phone. Both of the locks utilize a unique operational process that does not require an Internet connection, eliminating hacking risks. To make this possible, the deadbolt works with a technology that is similar to the Internet banking token, involving encryption and synchronization.


Igloohome Igloobolt 02 Smart Lock


Three Access Options

Users will have three different access options to choose from, including PIN code, Bluetooth key and the mechanical keyhole. To unlock the door utilizing the PIN Code, just wake up the lock by touching the touchscreen, input the unique code and then press the key with the number sign. To share access with friends, family members and public service providers, users will need to create a unique PIN for each visitor, which can be done from the companion app. Users can set the duration for the visitor code and limit access to specific times by enabling the privacy mode feature. When the privacy mode feature is activated, the lock will not accept PIN codes or Bluetooth keys at all.

Access the app user interface to utilize the Bluetooth key access, you only need to click unlock on the app. To simplify the Bluetooth access, enable the easy unlock feature and the deadbolt will automatically open, when the connected phone enters the Bluetooth range. Please note, the companion app must be running to utilize this access.

The mechanical keyhole is hidden behind a dust cap, which will need to be removed to expose the keyhole. This access is reserved for emergency access purposes, in the event the batteries die before they are replaced. If possible, utilize a 9-volt battery to jumpstart the emergency battery, which will create enough power for a single access.


Access History

Users can view access history from the companion app. Bluetooth key access is updated in real-time, but the PIN code access is updated every time the Bluetooth master key is utilized. For a $4.99 monthly fee, Airbnb hosts can synchronize their igloohome account to their listing calendar. By doing this, a unique PIN code will automatically be created for each guest.


Safety Features

The Version 02 features a variety of safety features, including security lockout mode, tamper alarm and decoy security code. The security lockout mode is activated after 5 unsuccessful attempts are made to access the home. The deadbolt will delay operation for 5 minutes.

When the decoy security code feature is enabled, you can input up to 16 digits in the touchscreen, before or after the unique PIN code is entered. This prevents intruders from being able to detect the unique PIN.

The built-in alarm will activate, if an intruder attempts to manipulate the lock.



The deadbolt will automatically lock after it has been unlock for a specified period of time. The Version 02’s auto-lock feature is more unique than any other Smart Lock brands or models. With the igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02, users can select the duration in seconds, so the locking mechanism will not activate until the set time lapses.


Weatherproof Design

The igloobolt Deadbolt 02 will safely and efficiently operate in temperatures between zero and 50 degrees Celsius. The lock is resistant to splashes, but it is not waterproof, so when installing is sure to place it is an area where it will not be exposed to the elements, especially rainwater and snow.


Igloobolt 01 Smart Lock

The igloobolt Smart Lock 02 is a great improvement from its predecessor. In fact, igloohome updated the deadbolt to make it more secure and functional. The slim and modern design creates a stylish look that will enhance the appearance of your home. For further information or to order the igloobolt Smart Deadbolt Lock 02, please visit the company’s official website.