Introducing The First Ever Smart Home Sleep System – Nightingale

White sound machines have been utilized, since their existence, to drown out exterior noises that keep humans awake. While, these devices are very effective, they may just not offer what it takes to help a silent sleeper. If you are feeling hopeless and cannot sleep through the night, because of your partner’s snoring, you may be interested in the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System. This device is designed around the research conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers.


Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System



Sleep depravation is linked to poor focus, low workplace productivity, mood alterations, and slow reaction time. Millions of Americans turn to antidepressants and benzodiazepines to help them fall to sleep at night. However, these drugs are highly addictive and need to be avoided at all cost.

Nightingale is integrated with Smart-Connected Technology, which acts as a communication gateway from the unit to an iOS or Android device. Two units are capable of delivering 360 degrees of sound blanket coverage, with 15 built-in calming blankets to choose from. Both units work in conjunction to suppress outdoor and indoor noises, utilizing walls to reflect the sound blankets throughout the room. Each unit is embedded with two speakers, so the coverage is more proportional, this will also trick the brain into not knowing where the sound is coming from.

The unit’s discrete low profile design will provide users more installation options. It is equipped with 2 sets of two-prong plugs that fit into an 110v electrical outlet. The unit also acts as a receptacle, so you can still plug in alarm clock or phone charger. Nightingale is also embedded with an LED night light that offers 4 different color options. Users can control the unit from their smartphone or tablet and the app is embedded with various features that will enhance functionality.

You can even take the Nightingale on vacation with you, since the wall plate will secure the unit directly to the wall. The anti-theft feature will initiate an alert, if someone attempts to detach it from the wall. The user will receive an immediate notification via email or SMS, alerting them of the intrusion. The user interface is self-explanatory and provides a user-friendly experience every time.

Nightingale is set apart from other sleep devices, because it delivers a constant, professional-grade sound blanket that will effectively block annoying noises. Each unit covers a 300 square feet area and supports Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Ring.

With three days to go, the Nightingale team needs your assistance to reach their goal. The campaign is scheduled to expire at 10pm on Sunday, November 6, 2016, with $93,159 pledged from 511 backers. If you are interested in the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System, be sure to visit the associated KICKSTARTER campaign page.

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