Introducing The SMADO Smart Lock – A Smarter Smart Lock

Smart lock technology has changed immensely, since the inception of August back in 2014. The technology has continued to strive for advancement, while collecting a larger quantity of technology enthusiasts along the way. While the technology is undeniably impressive, the sheer complexity has left some consumers out in the cold. The millennial have been quick to adopt the technology, with many being willing to pay higher rent for residential dwellings with smart technologies. And of course, smart technology can help sell homes more rapidly than normal.


SMADO Smart Lock

To bridge the gap between the technologically inclined and the tech simpleton, SMADO intends to simplify smart technologies while simultaneously unraveling the mystery of home security. SMADO Smart Devices aim to make the consumer’s life easier, while also providing them with the peace of mind they desire.

The Origination Of SMADO 

SMADO Inc. is the brainchild of two youngsters, who shared the common goal of increasing door security, while simplifying accessibility. The compassion and love they maintained for their relatives encouraged them to seek betterment and invent something more innovative and reliable. From 2014 and onward, the pair worked diligently to perfect the smart lock technology, while also tweaking the technology behind automated openers.

In the end, SMADO Inc. was formed and the lineup of SMADO Smart Devices was created. The startup company has now created a Smart Bell, Lock and door opener. The ingenious minds behind SMADO truly believe this combination will simply and ease the consumer’s life, while providing them with an extra layer of security.

A Coming Change

While many homeowners will enjoy the simplistic nature of SMADO, construction contractors and companies have also decided to jump on board. For example, the publicly traded company KB Home has started to install smart technological devices in their homes. As mentioned above, millennial are willing to pay a slightly higher price for homes with smart devices. Also, Coldwell Banker Real Estate recently performed a survey on properties with smart homes technologies. The survey concluded that consumers were becoming more interested in the technology and that smart homes sold much faster than their competitors.

The SMADO lineup of smart devices has been specifically designed to better accommodate construction companies. The Smart Bell, Smart Roller and Smart Lock are all easy to install and each can increase the home’s value. The combination may make these smart devices a wise investment for construction companies, which desire to give their homes a little something extra.

Simplistic Installation

While some smart locks require the professional to remove the casing of the cylinder lock, this not a necessity with the SMADO. Whether your deadbolt has a latch or uses a key, the manufacturer guarantees the SMADO will work and the installation process will be quick and easy. In fact, there is no need to remove anything. The SMADO Smart Lock is designed to allow it to slip directly over your existing deadbolt. This will make the task easier for the homeowner or the construction worker. The manufacturer insists the SMADO door lock will work with all locks, so there is no need to change your existing hardware.

More Secure Encryption

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) plays a huge role in protecting sensitive data. The AES replaced the Data Encryption Standard (DES) in 1997, after it was deemed vulnerable by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Governments and financial institutions around the globe, utilize the new encryption algorithm to prevent cyber attacks and hacks.

Today, AES is implemented in smart home products, hardware and software applications. Most of the leading consumer smart technology companies protect their customers’ data with AES-128 bit encryption. While this is sufficient to protect sensitive data, the United States government opts to protect “Top Secret” information with 192- or 256-bit key lengths.

The SMADO utilizes AES 256-bit encryption comparable to military and government institutions’ to prevent unauthorized access. Users are guaranteed a high level of security at all times, with the SMADO Smart Devices.

How SMADO Works

SMADO devices are controlled with a smartphone, tablet or PC, with the SMADO app and a Wi-Fi connection. The app user interface is designed with a simplistic layout, making it suitable for all age groups. The SMADO Smart Connect hub is required for remote access, which plugs directly into the existing Internet router and electric receptacle.

The SMADO Smart Lock, Smart Roller and Smart Bell are all powered by battery. However, the battery is built for long life sustainability. To remind the user to replace the battery, an alert will be transmitted to the app-enabled device, when the battery power reaches a specified low level. The mechanical key will be the primary backup, when a dead battery becomes an issue.

An additional security feature that will come in handy is the auto locking mechanism. When the homeowner exits the home, the locking mechanism will activate, locking the door automatically.

When most homeowners return home, they often have their hands full, so the difficulty of retrieving a mechanical key or smartphone is nearly impossible. SMADO will assist you with this task by automatically unlocking and then the Smart Roller will also do its part, by opening the door, welcoming you into your home.

A New Level Of Control

Home Automation Technology is being incorporated into modern building projects around the globe. The Smart Home market is expected to boom by the year 2020. At first, consumers were intrigued with smart devices, but they were hesitant to take the plunge. Today, consumers anticipate each new product that rolls out on the market, because they hope that it will improve their life for their better. For consumers that have yet to delve into smart interconnected devices, SMADO may be a great place to begin.


There are some concerns with the design, even though the company guarantees that the Smado Smart Door Opener will open the front door. The only way that this would be possible is if the door is only installed with a deadbolt, without a doorknob. The Smado Lock will not turn the doorknob hand, only the thumbturn. If the door has an existing doorknob, you would need to replace it with a dummy door handle. Of course, this is the way all Smart Locks operate, but Smado is the only company that guarantees the devices will work simultaneously to open the door. With the doorknob out of the way, the devices will do exactly what the company promises.

Best Smart Lock has been in touch with the company and there is a plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future.

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