Japan Will Incorporate Smart Locks, With GPS Into An Innovative Bike Rental System

Bike Sharing offers many benefits for large cities and participants. People are choosing to ride their bike for daily commuting, because it is a more affordable alternative to public transportation and private car. This is not to even mention the health benefits of bicycling, which include reduced cardiovascular disease, obesity and type II diabetes. Bike sharing for cities means less congestion and pollution and decreased strain on governmental health programs.


Bitlock Smart Lock

Bitlock BikeSmart Lock

Many American cities have already developed state-of-the-art bike infrastructures, with a short-term bike rental system. These infrastructures include tunnels, roundabouts, bridges, loops around parks and protected lanes along waterways. When you hop on a bike and take off along one of these bike infrastructures, you are ensured of a safe and exciting adventure every time.

SoftBank, a carrier in Japan, has a plan that will make bike sharing more appealing to the public. The bike rental system will provide easy accessibility and decrease a problematic theft. Those interested in participating in the bike-sharing program will be able to rent a bike via a mobile app. Each bike will be equipped with a Smart Lock, with a GPS, so they can be tracked, in the event that the participant does not return the bike by the predetermined time. To make things more convenient, participants will be able to return the bike to any station and not just the one they retrieved it from.

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