Kickstarter Campaign Launched Features The BluKey Keyless Entry System

Cypher Home, a Smart Lock upstart, launched a Kickstarter campaign on February 20th to raise money for its innovative BluKey Keyless Entry System. BluKey has a retrofit design, so it will transform any ordinary deadbolt into a Smart Lock, without the need to replace any hardware.


BluKey Bluetooth Keyless Entry System

The BluKey basically makes the deadbolt smarter, giving users remote access from their phone. Since, the existing deadbolt is not altered, the mechanical key will still unlock the front door. T

BluKey’s basic, circular design is similar to the August Smart Lock and Danalock.

The Wi-Fi BluKey system features roaming security, which allows users to monitor and manage the lock from anywhere. The touch-to-unlock feature allows the user to unlock the front door, with a simple touch. To enable this feature, the authorized phone must be within the Bluetooth range, just simply touch the deadbolt anywhere to activate the unlocking mechanism.


BluKey Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The Cypher Home app will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Users will have the ability to monitor their front door from afar, by investing in the Wi-Fi upgrade. Grant access to friends, family members and public service providers from anywhere.

The back the BluKey Keyless Entry System, just visit the Kickstarter campaign page. The BluKey Unit, with Bluetooth radio is available for $89 and the BluKey Unit with Wi-Fi dongle is available for $139 as an early bird special.

Cypher Home will ship BlueKey anywhere in the world. The Wi-Fi prong is compatible with a 110v-220v electrical outlet, consumers living outside America will need to invest in an adapter. Shipping is expected to begin on October 31, 2017.