Kodak Emerges To Unveil The Ektra SmartPhone, Build Around The Photographic Premises

Kodak is a technology company that operates around imagery software, hardware, and services. The company was once known to the world as the biggest provider of photographic film products. In the later part of 1990, Kodak began to struggle financially and to make matters worse American consumers discovered Fugi products. Kodak had difficulty competing with the Japanese competitor, Fujifilm, because their products were being sold at a much lower price. By 1975, the company had developed the first-ever digital camera, with a future plan to expand into more advanced technology. In the end, Kodak was forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but the company was destined to overcome this slump and that it did.


Kodak Ektra Smartphone


Kodak Ektra Smartphone

Kodak unveils the Ektra Smartphone, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, encapsulated in a rugged, but sleek casing. The phone’s design replicates the nostalgic photographic film camera, Kodak Ektra, which dates back to 1941. Unlike the traditional smartphone, which was initially intended for telecommunications and Internet access, the Ektra is designed around the photography premises. The Bullitt Group, a British electronic company that partners with third-party companies such as Land Rover and Cat, will be responsible for the production of the phone.

The main camera features a f/2.0 aperture lens, with a non-reflective coating, 3GB of memory, microSD card slot, 3,000mAH rechargeable battery and a 21-megapixel sensor. Many professional photographers believe that the pixel count plays a huge role in the picture quality and increases the real, linear resolution by 40 percent or more. The device also supports optical zoom, HDR imaging and Phase Detection Auto Focus.

The Kodak Ektra Smartphone is scheduled for release in December 2016 and if you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out the company’s official website.

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