Kwikset 258 Downtown Low Profile Square Deadbolt Review

For those who are not yet ready to take the Smart Lock plunge, but need to upgrade their existing door locks, it will be best to stick with a name brand model. Kwikset, owned by Spectrum Brands, was founded in 1946, which is enough proof to show that the brand is reputable and reliable. Millions of homes are installed with a Kwikset lock that not only enhances the home’s appearance, but also enhances to home’s security.


Kwikset 258 Downtown Low Profile Deadbolt

Kwikset 258 Downtown Deadbolt

The Kwikset 258’ modern design is very unique, with square rounded edges. It is available in various finishes, including satin nickel, Venetian bronze, polished chrome and iron black. The thumb key also has a square design, with smooth edging to replicate the faceplate. The overall design is 50 percent slimmer than the traditional deadbolt, so the lock will not stick out and become a safety hazard.


Safety Features

The embedded Advanced SmartKey Technology will prevent sophisticated forced entries, such as lock picking. SmartKey’s patented design incorporates BumpGuard protection and a patented side-locking bar to prevent forced entry utilizing lock bumping techniques. Traditional deadbolts are equipped with a traditional pin, which is not resilient to lock bumping.

The lock has undergone safety testing to ensure its durability and security rating. It meets or exceeds the ANSI/BHMA safety standards, with the highest residential security rating. The ANSI Grade 1 certification is proof that the look meets the requirements for key torque cycles, impact resistance, operation, finish and pull strength.


Re-Key Capabilities

Thanks to the SmartKey features, homeowners will not have to replace the entire deadbolt. Instead, the lock can be rekeyed to work with any KW1 Keyway key. This feature allows the user to reset the built-in cylinder in three easy steps.


Overall Assessment

The Kwikset 258 Downtown is a high functioning and beautiful lock. The installation process is as easy as removing the existing lock and replacing it with the new lock. Plus, it comes with all the installation hardware, SmartKey learn tool, and tools need to complete the task.

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