Latch Unveils Their New Smart Lock “Latch” To The Commercial Economny

After raising a total of $16 million+ in donations, Latch is now ready to unveil their new Smart Lock to the commercial market. Thomas Meyerhoffer, Chief Design Officer designed Latch, with the intention to make all property management companies, realtors, and landlords’ jobs simpler.  There are several different ways to open your door using the Latch, remotely using an electronic key code, app enabled device, and mechanical key.

The business personnel can create temporary electronic key codes for each of their guests or renters. This eliminates the need for a mechanical key all together, so replacements will never need to be issued. The most notable feature found in this Smart Lock is the hidden camera that will allow the owner to monitor each and every guest that accesses the lock.

Latch Lock

As of right now, CEO Luke Schoenfelder’s intentions are to only sale the Latch Smart Lock to commercial organizations. All interested consumers will need to sit back, wait, and see how this plan plays out. For now, the plans involve the Latch being installed into two New York commercial establishments, with a total of 1.5 million doors. There is one downside to using these locks and that is the renter may not appreciate the fact that their activities will be monitored 24/7. It may also be difficult to ensure the renter that the stored data will only be used for business purposes.

Putting this to the side for a moment, the Latch will definitely make a great addition to any commercial establishment, plus the clients will love it. Latch’s price has not yet been released, but it would likely be much higher than the competitor brands on the global market. Of course, this price would drastically drop, if a consumer version is ever released to the public.

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