LEDVANCE Is Now Selling Its Sylvania Smart Lighting Products On Amazon.ca

LEDVANCE, a leading provider of lighting products, announced Monday that its Sylvania Smart Lighting line is available on Amazon.ca. Canadian consumers will now have access to one of the top brand lighting products on the market. LEDVANCE has a broad portfolio of outdoor and indoor Smart lighting products. These products are designed to integrate with third-party Internet-connected devices and products.


Sylvania Lightify Smart LED Bulb And Hub

Sylvania Smart lighting products assist customers in managing their environments, improving energy efficiency, saving time and money. The products available on Amazon.ca include:

  • Smart bulbs
  • Recessed cans
  • Lighting fixtures for under-cabinet applications
  • Lighting fixtures for cove applications
  • Outdoor decorating lighting
  • General illumination lighting
  • Wireless switches
  • Temperature sensor
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Smart plug

“Smart lighting is more than just a choice. Our Smart Home products will change your lifestyle,” said Aaron Ganick who heads up the Smart Home Americas business unit at LEDVANCE. “We are proud that many Canadians have already incorporated our Sylvania Smart lighting products into their connected homes and wanted to make it even easier for them to expand via Amazon.ca, one of the most popular ways consumers purchase what they need.”

North American consumers are drawn to Sylvania Smart lighting, because it delivers simplicity and convenience in a market already filled with a wide range of home automation products. The Sylvania products work with the OSRAM LIGHTIFY hub, so consumers in other countries can pair the products with the existing home network.

Users can control the Sylvania Smart Home lighting products via their smartphone, tablet, sensor or wireless switch. Create time schedules, with lighting interaction, so potential burglars will think you are at home, even though you are away.

To learn more about Sylvania LIGHTIFY Smart Bulbs, please click on the following Amazon link.