Liven Up Your Life With Vinclue’s Gatebox Holographic Anime Virtual Assistant, Aizuma Hikara

Have you contemplated purchasing the Amazon Echo, because you were intrigued with Alexa, the voice-automated assistant? Of course you have, but you may want to save your money and invest it in the intuitive Gatebox. The Gatebox, the Virtual Home Robot, features Aizuma Hikari, a voice-automated holographic anime girl.



Gatebox Virtual Home Robot, With Aizuma Hikari


The Gatebox’s built-in sensors are capable of detecting motion (tracks user), humidity, light and temperature, enhancing Aizuma’s ability to interact with humans. The blue-haired anime character sits inside a 20” tall, transparent, cylinder projector, standing only a few inches tall. Users can interact with Aizuma through a smartphone using the accompanied mobile app and Wi-Fi connection.

Vinclude, a Tokyo-based technological firm, unveiled its Gatebox in January 2016 and has now started taking preorders, with only 300 units available to the general public. The firm says the device is aimed at single males, who live alone. Aizuma is an innocent girl with a slender waistline and sexy legs, plus she wears a trendy white dress with blue edging; blue and white striped thigh-high stockings; blue and white stripped sleeves; blue and white shoes with a light blue heart.

Aizuma communicates with humans using an embedded stereo speaker and microphone. A chat function allows the user to communicate with Aizuma, when away from home. She can also control third-party connected products and devices, such as Smart Locks through an embedded infrared system. She will remind you to pack your umbrella, before you head out the door to work. She will automatically switch on the lights, when you return home and watch TV with you.

The anime character is brought to life by a rear projection system and the screen is hidden in the center of tube out of view. It can also be connected directly to a flat screen TV with an HDMI cable. Aizuma is more than the standard virtual assistance, the firm plans to release periodic software updates and add more capabilities in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vinclude Gatebox Virtual Home Robot, with Aizuma Hikari, just visit the firm’s original website,

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