MAX Smart Home Establishes A Partnership With Ayla Networks To Connect Its Smart Products To The Cloud

MAX Smart Home provides consumers with innovative safety and security products. The company announced today, it would utilize the Ayla Networks’ Internet of Things platform to connect its Smart products to the cloud. This will allow Max Smart Home customers to receive alert notifications via the associated mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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MAX Smart Home is currently working on a second-generation product line, which is expected to roll out on the market any day now. The MAX Smart Alarm syncs to the user’s smartphone or tablet, notifying them of potential weather threats via their app-enabled device, whether they are at home or away. The device will also emit an audible alarm loud enough to wake the family up when they are sleeping.

Connecting the MAX Smart Home products to the cloud will enhance security and keep homeowners in tune with the happenings around their home. Co-founder and chief operating officer of MAX, John Mudge said, “Connecting to the cloud is Ayla’s expertise and we wanted a partner that can do that better than we could alone.”

The Ayla IoT platform runs on Amazon Web Services, with the ability to integrate the MAX cloud with other third-party companies’ clouds. This partnership will allow MAX to meet the increasing consumer demand for safety products around the globe.

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