Microsoft And MIT Unveil Their Unique Smart Tattoo Wearable

Smart Technology has become so popular that tech giants are integrating it into appliances, electronic devices, suitcases, and now toys for kids. There are many reasons why Smart devices are so popular. But, if you ask consumers most of them will tell you that convenience outweigh the other advantages. Thanks to technology and design, users can now remotely control their Smart devices when at home or traveling abroad.


DuoSkin Smart Wearable

Smart Technology companies create their own unique software platform that acts as a communication gateway between Smart devices, wireless routers, and smartphone. To enhance the remote control ability, several companies decided to integrate Voice and Gesture Control Technology into their software platform. The convenience of remote control knows no bounds, but the joy of being able to control your Smart devices from afar is endless.

Eventually other Smart remote gadgets began rolling onto the market, including the key fob, keypad, watch, bracelet, and button. Well, MIT and the technology giant, Microsoft combined their skills to create the first Smart tattoo wearable. DuoSkin is designed out of gold metal leaf material, which is very affordable, safe, and temporary. When utilizing DuoSkin, you will be able to create unique functional interfaces that will attach to your skin.

DuoSkin will give users the ability to remotely control their wireless devices, store data, and make a statement all at one time. The Smart tattoo will operate in the same manner as a 2D touch or track pads, with heat-activated color changing abilities. This very unique creation will transform how users control their mobile devices in more ways than one.

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