Microsoft Invites App Developers To Utilize Its Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever asked Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa a question, only to receive a confusing answer? This is only normal, since the two voice assistants’ capabilities are still extremely limited.

Microsoft may just have come up with a way to improve its artificial intelligence. The company thinks if it can encourage more and more app developers to utilize its technology it will become smarter over time. This may be possible, since the software giant’s artificial intelligent software can learn and adapt in the most sophisticated ways.


Microsoft Cortana With Voice Assistant


Facebook is already a step ahead of Microsoft, training its AI with various software tools. The company is currently training its AI at its Oregon data center to teach a computer to view a series of pictures and then create a piece of art from the collected data.

Google is also in the process of teaching its artificial intelligence to play traditional board games, while IBM is feeding its AI, Watson, data collected from all different types of businesses.

Microsoft’s Cortana, a phone and Windows PC software, offers voice assistant, collecting reminders from users and answering an unlimited array of trivia questions.

The company recently launched an experiment similar to Twitter’s chatbot, Tay. However, the company had to call a halt to the experiment, because Internet users were teaching it to praise Adolf Hitler, detest feminists and solicit sex.

By offerings its AI tools to app developers, Microsoft will not experience any interference and according to the company, the results have been very encouraging.

Microsoft is offering app developers apps, instead of transcriptions, so the video game will know what the player is saying and what it means. The video game will also be able to determine if specific phrases and questions have the same meaning.

Starship Commander is just one example of a video game that is controlled by voice commands. The team at Human Interact recently turned to Microsoft after giving Alexander Mejia, voice command software, a chance only to discover limitations.

“When people put on the headset, they start role-playing, they get into character,” he said. “They want to be the starship commander and go forth and have an adventure.” Players expect to be able to talk naturally, while controlling the video game.

Microsoft has a lot of confidence that this move will make its AI more intelligent. So far, there are 424,000 outside developers signed up to test Microsoft’s AI, along with 5,000 engineers that Microsoft has hired to work on artificial intelligence.