Movidius Teams Up With Hikvision To Develop A Smart Security Camera Product Line

Movidius, a technology company that focuses on programmable, ultra-low vision chips has teamed up with Hikvision, a top provider of surveillance cameras. Intel bought Movidius in September of this year and this partnership with Hikvision, will give Intel a strong foothold in the video security/surveillance camera industry. Hikvision will be supplied with Movidius’ innovative Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) products. The VPU has been utilized in drones for quite some time, aiding in obstacle avoidance.


Hikvision Surveillance Camera

With the embedded Myriad 2 VPU, the camera’s interface will achieve up to 99 percent better accuracy. This is made possible with power-efficient technological advancements and the fact that the VPU will be able to run fully inside the camera.

Instead of relying on Cloud like most power hungry security cameras of today, the new Smart camera offer more veracity, flag more events, and reduce false alarms. The Smart alert system will be embedded into the camera, so there will be no need for Cloud services. The data collected when an intruder is detected, will be no longer be transmitted to Cloud, but processed onboard the camera immediately. These advances could very well have a huge impact on public and personal security.

The first Myriad 2 VPU chip integrated Hikvision Surveillance Camera will be displayed at the 13th China International Exhibit for Public Safety, which is set to take place October 25th-28th.

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