Navdy, A Heads Up Display Provides Drivers With Hands Free Access To Mobile Media

Navdy is opening up doors for individuals that cannot afford the futuristic Smart Augmented reality features. The device provides consumers with a much more affordable heads up display (HUD) alternative and add to the functionality of your vehicle. Co-founder Doug Simpson and Karl Guttag took their innovative idea to a crowdfunding platform. The campaign launched on August 5, 2014, raising $6.7 million. The company is now ready to begin shipping Navdy to their very supportive backers.


Navdy Heads Up Display

Hundreds of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities have been linked to hands-on interaction with smartphones. Navdy could possibly aid in reducing these smartphone-related fatalities, if drivers are willing to take the plunge. The unit works in conjunction with the driver’s smartphone, utilizing it as the principle core for contact, communications and music, via the Navdy iOS or Android app. Navigation is a fusion between the smartphone and hardware.

The Google Map app is embedded into Navdy, relying on it for target location searches and direction guidance. The unit is equipped with an antenna and integrated with an automotive-grade GPS chip, providing more accuracy than the smartphone’s embedded GPS. To enhance the Navdy’s functionality, it is embedded with a premium-grade accelerometer, plugging directly into the vehicle’s OBDII port. This function allows the unit to scan vehicle speeds and determine the vehicle’s location, when the GPS signal is lost. This is possible with the dead reckoning process, which utilizes the most current position and advancing forward based on elapsed time and estimated speeds.

Navdy is capable of making its maps translucent to prevent blocking the driver’s view. For those drivers that are not keen to monitoring their fuel tank level, you will be happy to discover that Navdy will do it for you. Also, when the fuel reaches the minimum level, an alert will be initiated, with the option of directional guidance to a local gas station. It hasn’t been determined yet, but the Navdy interface may work for transparent computing screens and smart glasses. Gesture control is also an option, even though the hype has fabricated a bit, during the initial campaign. However, you can utilize simple hand waves to accept or reject incoming call alerts.

Investing in the Navdy heads up display will definitely be a great decision. It will enhance your driving experience in various ways, plus it will keep you and your family safe, when driving down that long stretch of highway.

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